Today I am so pleased to welcome A.E. Lister to Joyfully Jay. A.E. has come to talk to us about their latest release, Dark Horse (The Braided Crop Ranch #3). They have also brought along an exclusive excerpt and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving A.E. a big welcome!


Hi everyone!

I’m so pleased to have the privilege of guest-posting on Joyfully Jay’s blog this week.

My name is AE Lister. I have been writing queer erotic romance for over a decade. My backlist is with MLR Press under the name Elizabeth Lister. A couple of years ago, after coming out as non-binary, I decided to rebrand under the pen name AE Lister. My full name is Alison Elizabeth Lister. I wanted a pen name that represented my actual name, because it is important to me to be authentic, but ‘Elizabeth’ rings a little too feminine for my comfort level.

I’m here today to promote Dark Horse, the latest book in my Braided Crop Ranch series. This series, which began with Stable Hand in 2020 and continued with Ponyboy earlier this year, follows different men who find themselves at a very kinky pony play ranch in Ontario’s touristy Muskoka district. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and talented staff, visitors to the BCR’s facilities and lakeside resort are treated to the a professional environment that is safe and kink positive. The BCR runs weekend pony shows for the entertainment of its resort guests, where ponyboys show off the skills they have learnt and the manner with which they interact with their skilled trainers.

Stable Hand (book #1) follows Jensen Moriarty as he arrives at the ranch, convinced he has wrangled a job at a regular horse ranch, only to find something he was not expecting at all. Readers follow along with Jensen as he discovers the BCR is something else entirely, and is introduced to the world of the pony play fetish in an amusing and entertaining way. Many readers have never encountered this fetish represented in fiction before, and find that Jensen’s experience opens their minds to a unique expression of sexuality and personality. Stable Hand is a MMM romance that is very graphic and sex positive, with a HFN ending.

Ponyboy (book #2) follows the adventures of Owen Lipke who finds himself at the ranch under the hands of experienced trainer Kamal Salib. This is a MM erotic romance with an HEA.

The final instalment in the series, Dark Horse (book #3), releasing October 18th, follows Henry Swift, who was one of the very first ponyboys to experience The Braided Crop Ranch six years previous. He returns to the ranch to take part in a three week summer gymkhana (a festival of games and races) to see if he can finally win over the heart of Adam Marsland, the stoic and responsible manager of the BCR.

If you would like an introduction to The Braided Crop Ranch, you can access my FREE serial story, One-Trick Pony, at I post chapter-length episodes bi-weekly, with episode ten due to post this Friday.

Various Persuasions, book #1 in my Persuasions series, is part of Joyfully Jay’s Reading Challenge Month 2021! This book follows my non-binary/trans protagonist, Nic, a disillusioned Dom who hooks up with Vincent, a young, aimless sub, at the bequest of Nic’s best friend, Daphne. What follows is an explosion of chemistry that leads them on an erotic and intimate journey together, that challenges the norms of gender identity. This is NB/M with a HEA.

Various Distractions (book #2), continues to follow the lives of Vincent and Nic who find themselves in the midst of a slew of inconvenient events that disrupt the life they are attempting to make with each other. This one is NB/M/M and has a HEA. It is set for release on December 28th, 2021.

I also have two very kinky stories releasing with Pride Publishing this fall/winter.

Skeletal Equation is a short, kinky introduction to the world of medical play with a side order of pup play, as part of Pride’s Dark and Deadly Halloween collection (available now for pre-order), and A Spoonful of Sugar follows up with these characters a couple of months down the line as part of Pride’s We Three Kings Christmas collection. Both these stories are MMM with a HFN ending.

In March of 2022 you can expect 760 Miles, book #1 in my Northern Horizons series. Set in 1906-1908, this series follows ex-outlaw, Jimmy Downing, and lost boy, Oscar Yates, on a harrowing journey through the wilderness of the Yukon and Northern British Columbia. I am so proud of this story and pleased with the way I was able to show my views on queer sexuality through the lens of an older man struggling to redeem himself after a life outside the law, and a young fellow who simply wants to be himself. This story is MM and features a bisexual awakening, kink awakening, narrow escapes, engaging encounters with other queer people trying to make their way in a world that doesn’t understand them, and a HEA.

Also expect the conclusion to the Persuasions series, Various Convictions (book #3), sometime next summer (NB/M/M, HEA).

Phew! That’s alot of stories. The world around me has been less than ideal and I’ve found a way to keep my sanity that benefits everyone, lol. Please join me in an escape to some alternate realities where sex and kink are celebrated and people are able to find true love and commitment in some unexpected ways!


From Dark Horse (The Braided Crop Ranch #3) – Exclusive to Joyfully Jay (excerpt contains some spoilers for Stable Hand and Ponyboy):


There were a good number of men here. It looked like Adam had easily convinced fifty guys to come for the gymkhana. As we cleared our plates, a microphone squealed before the amplified sound of a tapping finger preceded a man’s voice.

“Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Braided Crop Ranch’s first ever gymkhana event!”

I looked up to see Adam standing on the porch, flanked by what I assumed to be the rest of the staff. I immediately recognized Lorraine. She’d hardly aged at all since I’d seen her last. And there was Kamal! I didn’t recognize the man in the cowboy hat, but he must have been Jensen, the new trainer.

“Who’s the cowboy?” I asked, my eyes running up and down his lithe form.

“That’s Jensen,” Biskane, Callum, and Trey said together.

I swallowed. “He’s…uh…hot.”

“Yeah. We know,” Callum chuckled, turning red in the face.

I raised my eyebrows, then turned to Trey, who grinned with a great deal of smugness and said, “He almost broke Callum’s nose.”

“What?” I said, incredulous. “On purpose?”

Trey laughed. “Pretty sure.”

Callum groaned. “Do we have to tell him?”

“We do now,” Trey said.

I stared at Callum. “What the hell did you do?”

Callum cleared his throat, blushing even more. “I made too many passes at him. And I was mean to one of his boyfriends,” he admitted. “I’m not proud of my behaviour. He was right to call me out on it. I don’t see why he had to hit me so hard, though.”

“Because you were running your mouth like a smart-ass. It wasn’t nice. You know, it almost made me give up on you. But then you guys made up, and I gave you another chance,” Trey crooned, chucking Callum under the chin. “Glad I did.”

Callum gazed lovingly into Trey’s dark eyes. “Me too.”

Adam had started talking again.

“I’m sure you’re all dying to know how this event is going to proceed,” he said with a smile.

There were hoots and hollers accompanied by some rude gestures. Shouts of “Tell us!” and “Tell us, Adam!” echoed through the crowd.

“All right. I’ll tell you.” His cheeks flushed, and he blinked with adorable embarrassment. “You will be assigned in a group of two or three to a trainer with whom you will have a session every second day. On the days you don’t have a session, feel free to relax, go for a swim, or enjoy a game of volleyball. As you can see, we have three nets set up on the lawn for anyone to use.

“Charts assigning groups and sessions are posted at Connor’s desk, on the bulletin board outside my office, and in the kitchenette at the bunkhouse. Please make yourself acquainted with the members of your group and note your session appointments.

“A word on expectations for this week. We understand there will be hook-ups. The BCR neither endorses nor prohibits casual sex between consenting adults.”

He gazed at all the confused faces, then smiled.

“Well, maybe we endorse it.”

Cheers and hollers rang through the attendees.

“But because our normal testing protocols haven’t been followed for this event, we request that all of you engage in casual sex with safety in mind. We have invested in a huge supply of condoms to give out freely to everyone who needs them. They can be found in the bunkhouse and the main house in various locations. Please avail yourselves of these free supplies and have fun with each other if you so desire. But be aware of close proximity to others, noise disturbance, and privacy requirements. These can be different for everyone, so please be respectful of others in your vicinity.”

“Did you hear that, Callum?” Trey said, elbowing his boyfriend. “Respect. That means no shouting my name at the moment you climax with some other dude.”

Callum directed a death stare his way. “Shut the fuck up. And same applies to you.”

Trey placed his hand on his heart and raised his eyebrows. “Hey, I’m not planning to whore myself out at this event. That’s you.”

Callum laughed. “Yeah, right. Let’s see how long that statement stands.”

“Oh, honey, I ain’t got time for that. Too much relaxing to do.”

“Yeah, well, we’ll see.”

Adam continued. “We will host a buffet supper every day at the main house. The refrigerators there and at the bunkhouse are stocked with sandwiches, fruit, veggies. We’ve also got bread, coffee, and tea in both places whenever you need them.

“Laundry facilities in the main house are open to you all, since you’ll be camping for some time. Please be courteous and polite and clean up after yourself.

“So take it easy today, play some games, go swimming, and get to know your fellow participants. Check the schedules and find your ponyboy team members. Supper is here from five-thirty to seven. We’re glad to have you back!”

Adam waved and stepped back from the microphone. Lorraine stepped forward and took his place.

Her long hair was gathered in a loose ponytail. A gold stud in her nostril glistened in the sunshine. She wore blue cotton capris and a sleeveless white cotton shirt.

“Welcome, all you handsome and kinky men!” she said, raising her hand to block the sun and gazing out at the crowd. Clapping and cheering tore through the summer day. “I see so many familiar faces! Welcome back!” She beamed.

More cheering erupted.

“Now, listen, apparently, I’m going to have more than one ponyboy—” She drifted a languid gaze over us before she continued. “—under me for the duration of this event.”

Laughter. Someone yelled, “I’ll go under you, Madam! Anytime!”

She grinned and raised her eyebrows. “I want to let you know that, if you end up being one of my ponyboys, I will be extra strict with you, young man.”

There were louder whoops and hollers and laughter.

Lorraine winked and stepped away from the microphone. Jensen hung back but urged Kamal forward with a nod.

I’d forgotten how handsome Kamal was. He had a close beard and moustache now, with almost as much salt and pepper as Adam’s. He waved and cleared his throat.


“Kamal!” someone yelled.

“You are so hot! I wanna be yer ponyboy!” another voice cried out.

“Tie me up, Kamal!”

He laughed and rolled his eyes. “Behave. All of you.”

“What will you do if we don’t?”

“You don’t want to ask that,” Kamal said, thinning his lips and shaking his head. “No mercy.”

There were groans and pleas until Kamal lifted his hands and shut them all down.

“Now, now. Come on. I’ve been gone a year, and now you’re gonna keep me so busy?” He laughed and turned to glance at someone I hadn’t noticed before.

A man was standing in the shade of the porch, away from where the other trainers stood. He was dark-haired and slim, dressed in black jeans and a club shirt with the stylized word ZOO printed on its front. He met Kamal’s gaze with a grin and an indulgent shake of his head, crossing his arms over his chest.

That must be the ponyboy who had captured Kamal’s heart.

Kamal tore his gaze away from his boyfriend and continued. “It’s amazing to be back here. My boy, Owen, is here, and he’ll be enjoying some pony play in one of the groups. I may have to let him play pony with someone else while I’m here.” He turned to look behind him at Jensen. “I heard a certain cowboy has arranged to have my Owen in one of his groups. How interesting,” he said menacingly.

We laughed.

“But the joke’s on him because I happen to have both sweet Noah and naughty Luke in one of mine.”

Jensen shook his head from side to side dramatically, removed his cowboy hat, and swiped it against his thigh, giving Kamal a dirty look that lost its bite when he winked and let a smile come through.

Kamal saluted and grinned at him. He turned back to his audience. “Anyway, I look forward to chatting with each and every one of you. Have a blast!”

He stepped back as Jensen approached the mike, after shaking Kamal’s hand and slapping his shoulder as they passed each other.

Jensen cleared his throat, hat in one hand, shoulder-length blond hair curling slightly in the humidity. He wrapped his free hand around the mike and bent close, squinting at the crowd.

“So, I came to this ranch a couple of years ago thinking I was going to be a regular stable hand at an ordinary horse ranch.”

There was laughter, and my breath caught in my throat as I realized my hypothesis had indeed been realized.

“Well, I’m glad the BCR wasn’t an ordinary horse ranch because my life has changed for the better since I landed in Adam’s office, gaping at his album of pornographic photos.”

There were hoots and cheers from the crowd.

“You all challenged my views of sexuality and introduced me to a world of consensual play that made me richer. Literally richer because I’m a certified trainer now. And emotionally richer because I met Luke and Noah. I’m proud to be a part of this unique establishment, and you should be too.”

He gave a wave and stepped back to allow Adam to come forward again as the crowd erupted in cheers. He clapped in response to the words from his staff and visitors as he took the microphone. “All right then. Once again, welcome back to the kinkiest ranch this side of the American border! Have fun and play safe!”


Adam Marsland has a plan.

He’s been managing the Braided Crop Ranch for six years and wants to bring everybody he can find back for a week of games, competition and celebration.

Henry Swift was a ponyboy at the BCR during its very first year. He learned to trot, pull a cart and submit to his trainer. He’s never quite left the experience behind and is excited to receive Adam’s invitation to return.

But it’s not only the Ranch and its sex-positive atmosphere pulling Henry back to the seclusion of the Muskoka wilderness.

Henry’s always had a thing for sedate, contemplative Daddy types, and his memories of Adam Marsland have been haunting him for years. Adam’s still at the Ranch, and now Henry can go back and find out if the older man has any remnant feelings for him.

But the Gymkhana Adam’s planning means the return of a plethora of ponyboys and trainers and Henry wonders if he will have competition to win the heart of the accomplished ranch Manager.

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AE Lister/Elizabeth Lister is a Canadian non-binary/gender fluid author with a vivid imagination and a head full of unique and interesting characters. They have published ten books with MLR Press, one of which (Beyond the Edge) received an Honorable Mention from the National Leather Association – International, for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing. They write graphic and erotic stories featuring characters exploring the world of consent-based kink through a queer lens.

*On Facebook as Alison Lister.


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