Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Short Story


Before he was born, Jordan’s parents made a deal with a sea witch to strip their son of his abilities, trapping him in the flesh of a mortal human. Jordan feels a bit of regret at that, but not much. His parents have been dead for the past six years and, without their help, he has no way of figuring out how to undo what was done to him, even if it were possible. What he can do, though, is let loose and have some fun by hooking up with a pair of werewolf twins he’s been flirting with online.

Unfortunately, the twins turn out to be not what Jordan expected. While the look in Roar’s eyes goes straight to Jordan’s cock, Rowdy’s brash attitude is a true turnoff. But the twins are a package deal. It’s both of them or neither, and Jordan’s too in love and lust with Roar to be able to say no. Now he’s stuck with them, forced to obey their every command or they’ll kill him.

With the help of another wolf — a good one, this time — named Rumbly, Jordan has a chance to find a new life, but he doesn’t want to leave Roar behind. Is it possible to love two men at the same time?

This is a short and quick story, taking place over two days (and one night). In the course of his date with the twins, Jordan feels an instant surge of dislike for one twin, and an instant surge of lust for the other. There’s something about Rowdy, for some reason — a reason never explained or explored — that repels Jordan, even though Rowdy is the more honest of the twins. Rowdy makes it clear he doesn’t want Jordan as a lover, just an obedient member of his pack who will do what he’s told when he’s told, and when Rowdy wants something to fuck, Jordan will be amenable.

Roar, with whom Jordan falls instantly in near-love, wants to be a merwolf. He has a fantasy about living in the ocean and has chosen Jordan to love because of his merman blood. But Jordan likes Roar better, feeling an instant connection with the wolf who makes magic potions — and gives him a magic rose to sniff and strange concoctions to drink. However, with the simplistic, straightforward way the book is written, and with the bare bones telling of character traits and plot points, I don’t think Roar is doing anything more than the author says he’s doing.

Then there’s Rumbly, the third wolf, who is dumped by a comically evil lover just in time to meet Jordan, fuck Jordan, and fall in love with Jordan. And then the book is over with the waving thread of a potential sequel for Roar, Rumbly, and Jordan to have a bonded trio. This isn’t a surprise or anything hidden; the book explains it to you right there in case you didn’t realize Jordan was in love with both Roar and Rumbly. The story is written in a simplistic, straightforward way and with a bare bones telling of character traits and plot points. Honestly, there were times I wondered if this was satire and I just wasn’t picking up on it.

From the names — with Rowdy, Rumbly, and Roar the werewolves, I was half expecting our main character, the merman, to be called Fisher — to the writing style, to the constant streams of exposition, I just didn’t care for this book. I was completely disconnected, unable to find any part of it that clicked with me. This is one of those books that doesn’t require any thought. The characters will tell you, simply and tediously, exactly what’s going on at any point in the story, so much so that I didn’t feel like I was reading a story at all. It’s a hard pass on this book for me.