Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


All in With Him is the third book in the Men of Summer series. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal plot points of the series.

Grant Blackwood has always wanted to be loved. His parents never gave that to him and, while his grandparents have been a great support to him, Grant still longs for a solid relationship and a family of his own. When he met Declan Steele, Grant thought he found the one, but then things fell apart. Now, after five years, Grant and Declan have a second chance and they have no intention of letting go.

Their chemistry is blinding and their need for each other is everything. Even as the men pledge to be together, they both have insecurities about being the perfect partner. Their interests don’t always align, and they both have fears about letting the other down. Grant and Declan have found their perfect mate, but sometimes navigating love is the hardest part of all.

All in With Him is the final part of Grant and Declan’s story. The last book, Winning with Him, left the men in a good place having been reunited after their five years apart. This book takes their relationship further and we see that while the men are absolutely certain they love each other, they both have insecurities.

The heart and the heat of this story is the chemistry and need for each other that the men have. They are written so well and, with dual POVs, we know both Grant and Declan so well by this point and we know what drives their love for each other and then the fear they will not be enough. There is a sense of endless insecurities between the men that goes around and around for a while and that was a little too prolonged for me.

It was effortless to get caught up in their love story as they move from one phase of their relationship to the next. The men get better and better together and the more they trust each other and the more they open themselves up to the other, the better they are. The heat between them has been high from the start, yet they were still able to continually ramp it all up with each encounter. Their lives in baseball are showcased as well and the different aspects of their story get expanded and fit together well.

There is a reference in the earlier books that Declan recites poetry to calm down and it continually felt out of place to me. Also, many of the author’s characters cross over into other books and there was a scene with a list of other characters present and it breaks the flow of the story for me. River, who has been a secondary character in this series and will be getting his own book, gets one chapter of POV here and I still felt like I was missing parts to his story. I’m also not completely certain that Grant and Declan’s story needed to be three books long, but if you can’t get enough of these guys, there is plenty of time to spend with them.

The ending is the happiest of HEAs as Grant and Declan get everything they ever wanted. The montage-like feel to the three epilogues offers all the feels as Grant and Declan’s complete story encompasses over 20 years. Grant and Declan felt like friends by the end of this trilogy and their story is a good choice to follow two men through the years as they fall hard for each and create a spectacular life together.