Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Cody Gooden is at the top of his class in high school. As the end of his senior approaches, he’s vying for valedictorian, and has college plans and a handsome Alpha boyfriend, Reggie. Reggie won’t allow Cody to be open about their relationship and he tends to treat Cody as a sex object, rather than a true partner. It’s clear he doesn’t actually care about Cody and, after a massive fight, the two break up. 

That should be the end of it, but Cody discovers he’s pregnant and suddenly his entire world is turned upside down. Abandoned by his parents and rejected by Reggie, Cody has no idea what to do for the child he desperately wishes to keep. And then Reggie’s father, Ethan, steps in, offering a lifeline Cody can barely believe exists. Ethan tries to keep the boundaries clear, but Cody is everything he wants in a mate. It’s a romance the rest of the world might not understand, but for Cody and Ethan, finding forever is worth everything. 

Not His Omega to Love is, for the most part, your run of the mill omegaverse story, but despite, this I found it an enjoyable read. Cody and Ethan are compelling characters and while their behaviors don’t always make complete sense, they’re what save this book from being rather hum drum. I do think the fact that Ethan is actively sleeping with his own son’s ex might weird some readers out, but it was something I ignored for the most part. 

Cody is sweet and sensitive and initially seems like a typically submissive omega. But his determination to keep his child, consequences be damned, gives him the kind of spine and strength I enjoy in my characters. Ethan is a little harder to appreciate. He cares for Cody, but at no time did he seem inclined to make his son take responsibility for his action. In fact, Ethan seemed fine with Reggie shrugging off his role in the pregnancy just because he had college plans. It seemed very at odds with Ethan’s own need to care for and protect Cody and the child. Sufficed to say, I wasn’t a fan of Reggie and found him to be rather useless until the end of the book when he manned up ever so slightly. 

There isn’t a ton of originality on display with Not My Omega to Love. The pacing and writing are average and nothing really jumps out as a wow moment. But that said, the story was sweet and rather comfortable. It’s one of those books you want to just curl up with under a blanket and you’ll likely enjoy just as it is because it never expects too much from you. 

Not My Omega to Love does have a sequel coming at some point and even though this book didn’t offer up anything earth shattering, I still enjoyed it and I look forward to the next in the series. Everything about this one is rather average and ordinary, but for all that, I think most fans of the omega/alpha trope will find a fair amount to appreciate, especially if you’re looking for an easy, relaxing read.