suspicion audio coverStory Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Darcy Stark
Length: 13 hours, 44 minutes

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Suspicion is the seventh book in Eden Winters’ excellent romantic suspense Diversion series. I finished up the written series earlier this year, but I am still making my way through the audio. It has been interesting revisiting this series in audio, as I am picking up little bits I missed, or that I didn’t put together until later. Now, having read all the books (especially so recently in the case of the later audios), I am enjoying these stories in a new way. In the case of Suspicion, reading back my original review, I felt like it took some time for things to all come together and really see where the plot was going. But this second time, I remembered enough of the story to find myself drawn in much faster, knowing how it was all coming together.

This one takes kind of a slower approach, as we see Lucky and Bo dealing with family issues, particularly Lucky’s nephews, who are staying with them while his sister, Charlotte, sells her house in Washington. While Lucky struggles to work through Ty’s anger and resentment that Lucky was so long absent from their lives, we also see the roots of what later becomes Lucky and Bo’s desire to be parents. I also enjoyed the way this story focuses on the relationship between Lucky and his boss, Walter. They have always had a strong bond, but here, when Walter gets sick, we see how personal their relationship has become and the way he and Lucky have almost a father/son bond. So this book really sets up a lot for the personal side of things for Lucky and Bo and is a nice foundation going into the final books of the series. You can check out my full review of my original read here.

Darcy Stark continues to be an excellent narrator for this series and, after seven books, I am running out of new things to say about his narration. He is so clearly the voice of Lucky and Bo to me that even when I read the books, I hear his voice in my head for these characters. I really think Stark does an amazing job with the series, capturing these characters and the emotion so well. I will note that this audiobook contains Suspicion, as well as some short stories at the end. However, I did not listen to those stories in advance of writing my review, so my thoughts are based purely on the main book.

I have said this many times, but I love this series and these characters. I am really enjoying getting a chance to revisit them again in audio format.

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