Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Caged in Fire follows immediately after Caged in Darkness. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will expose spoilers for the series.

Isaac wanted to find a home after he left the Army, and his brother got him a place as a prospect in his motorcycle club. Isaac took to the club life and the brotherhood, and he especially took to the club president, Thanatos. Thanatos had demons and a long-standing vendetta with a rival club and Isaac got caught in that crossfire. Now, Isaac is locked away from everyone he knows and he’s at the mercy of the worst kind of evil. His mind is trying to keep it together, but his abused body is on the verge of giving out. He fights the darkness daily, as he knows that Thanatos won’t survive if Isaac doesn’t.

Thanatos had no plans to fall hard for someone, as his life has been consumed by vengeance and revenge. But Isaac brought some much needed air into his world and now he is consumed with finding Isaac. His enemies know what Isaac means to Thanatos and they have him well hidden before making their final move. Isaac and Thanatos will have to defeat the evil of their enemies to find their way back to each other and their future will not look at all like they thought it would. But the men are better together and protecting each other is now their way of life and a future that looks different is certainly better than none at all.

This book picks up immediately after the end of the previous book, Caged in Darkness, with Isaac getting Thanatos to safety, but then suffering a terrible fate as he is not able to break free from his captors. The first part of this book is dark and violent and graphic. The author certainly does her job bringing all the horror to Isaac’s captivity, but it’s a lot to get through as a reader. The first book was not graphic at all, but this book brings it all and it’s harsh and difficult to read. If any of that is too much, this you may want to pass on this series.

That’s the first half of the book: Isaac being tortured and Thanatos going out of his mind to find him and rain down extreme vengeance. It’s done motorcycle club style, it’s vigilante justice, and I had to wonder how all of these guys got away with everything that did with no red flags being raised anywhere.

Isaac and Thanatos barely had a chance to work on their relationship before their lives were changed forever and it was mostly physical attraction and declaring that they belonged to each other. There is no chance for any relationship development here either, as first is the violence and then the retribution. We don’t see them much together as a couple at the end either, but they are in a better place by the end of the book. These guys get broken down to the extremes and when they piece themselves back together, they don’t fit exactly the same, but the bond between them is secure. The book is set in England, but there is no real sense of place and only occasionally are we reminded where they are when they pay in pounds or something similar.

Caged in Fire highlights the darkest places a man can go and the need for bloody revenge. It’s a rough ride all of the way through and if that’s what you are craving, this book brings it.