Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Gabriel’s world is rocked when an accident at the quarry traps his husband, Wynn. Gabriel can’t believe that Wynn is even among the missing, but certainly not that he’s dead like others are saying. Wynn has always promised to come for Gabriel, and Gabriel refuses to believe his husband won’t come for him now. Even as shock sets in, so does Gabriel’s labor. Which Gabriel staunchly ignores, waiting for news for Wynn to come back, while he remembers their life together up until now.

A librarian, Gabriel is quiet and shy, but when the rough-looking Wynn showed up in the library, something sparked. Wynn was sweet and kind, and gently pursued Gabriel until Gabriel agreed to a date, which immediately sparked deeper feelings. As they got to know one another, Wynn’s secret came out, but it only made Gabriel love him more. Months after meeting, they married and began their life together.

It’s wasn’t easy, and they faced hardships, but their love is strong. Until the accident and Wynn being unaccounted for. Gabriel knows Wynn will come back, but with his labor progressing to the point of no return, Gabriel must face the inevitable.

Come For You is the third installment in Okati’s Second Chance Omega series, and with it we have another new couple. This one wasn’t my favorite, mostly because of the storytelling choices. For me, going back and forth between the past and the present doesn’t work that well. Okati uses it to good effect here, and it heightens the tension as the story progresses, but for me, it would have worked better if it had been told in a linear fashion. Or even if it began the same way, but then backtracked to the past in order to bring us to the present. Again, this is a personal choice, and if you have no issue with this type of narrative, then I think it’ll work better for you.

I particularly like the MCs in this one. Gabriel is shy, timid, and deep in his shell. Meeting Wynn helps him break out of that. He changes, not for Wynn but because of him. Because Wynn sees really sees him, and that allows Gabriel to be the man he should. Wynn is big and rough looking, a blue-collar quarryman who is really just a sweetheart with a giant heart. I liked the way they worked together, and their romance, though quick, absolutely works.

All in all, this was a nice next installment in the series. While not my favorite, I definitely liked the MCs. All these books can be read as a standalone, as only the town and pregnant omegas link the books. I definitely want to see what’s in store for this series in the future. And if you like mpreg, this is definitely a series to check out.