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Fulton has the life he’s always dreamed of. He has a house filled with cats, a job as a vet, co-workers who are his closest friends, and an amazing boss. Though, after watching Noah and Tate find happiness with one another, Fulton has a different half-birthday wish to make. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore. But that seems like a difficult wish for a cupcake to deliver on, so Fulton settles on a smaller wish. He wants to be happy. Before he can take a bite of his half-birthday cupcake, a stranger’s voice makes him drop it — and his birthday wish — to the ground.

Maybe it’s just as well Fulton hadn’t given up on love just yet …

Bishop has moved to Brookhaven to get away from his old life. Buying an old animal shelter sight unseen was perhaps not the smartest thing he’s ever done, especially since his addict of a brother emptied his bank account, but it’s done. And it’s the start of a childhood dream to help abused and abandoned animals find new forever homes. But the house is unlivable and he’s broke. Fortunately, Bishop has some experience with being homeless, and his SUV isn’t as uncomfortable as a sidewalk.

The bright side in all of this, though, is his accidental meeting with Fulton, whose cheerful T-shirts and wicked smile make Bishop’s heart skip a beat. Moving to Brookhaven might just be the best idea he ever had.

Got me Wishing is the second volume in the Vet Shop Boys series and introduces us to Noah’s best friend, Fulton, the crazy cat guy. Fulton, out of the four men in the friend group, is also the unluckiest in love. Well, except for Gus, whose fiance cheated on him on his wedding day, but at least he had someone. Fulton hasn’t had anyone in … a while. It’s not that he’s not charming or lacks the confidence, sort of. It’s just that he’s shy about opening up to anyone. Of all the men who have seen him naked, only Noah, his best friend, hasn’t run away. So now Fulton covers up his insecurities with smiles, T-shirts, and manties. After all, if a guy is too busy looking at Fulton’s package in sheer, lacy underwear, they’re not as inclined to look at what he doesn’t want them to see.

Bishop has his own body hangups. He’s seven years sober and, while he isn’t ashamed of his past, he’s ready to put it behind him and move on to the next stage of his life. He’d rather he be known for the animals he’s helping and the shelter he’s running rather than his face, his body, or his dick. Because Bishop used to be in porn. Well endowed, he was called the Twink Destroyer, and while it’s not always the greatest feeling to be oggled because of his dick, it’s just part of life. But Fulton doesn’t care about the size of Bishop’s dick. Fulton cares about his jokes, his smile, the way he holds his hand, and the explosive heat between them. Fulton’s also not a size queen or in it for clout. He wants Bishop. And Bishop wants him back.

This is another story heavy on the romance and the sweet moments, light on angst or upset. Fulton and Bishop fall into an easy, comfortable rapport very quickly, and from there it’s nothing but flowers and hearts. Fulton isn’t angry, upset or judgmental about Bishop’s past. Yes, Bishop slept with other men, but how does that change the fact that he’s with Fulton, now? Yes, Bishop was a sex worker, but that was a job. And now his job is running an animal shelter. Fulton’s friends are a bit more judgmental, and their initial greetings to Bishop are tasteless verging on offensive, but once they get to know him they — like Fulton — see him as just Bishop.

This story is a light, sweet, pleasant read and I recommend it.


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