Rating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Christiana is on the run. She doesn’t know exactly where she is running to, but her cop ex-boyfriend won’t let her go and Christiana is speeding down the highway. A tire blowout in the middle of the desert leaves Christiana without many options until Micah drives by on her motorcycle.

Micah is the Alpha of the Hounds of God MC. They live off the grid and their number one rule is never show a human their wolf form, as humans don’t even know that werewolves exist. Micah feels the pull to Christiana immediately and offers her a ride on her bike. Christiana is intrigued by her rescuer and each mile they ride has her only wanting to learn more. Micah knows rescuing Christiana is a bad idea, but Micah also knows that Christiana is her mate. The women grow closer, but there are threats everywhere as Christiana doesn’t know that Micah is a wolf or her mate, her ex isn’t backing down, and the women learn they have a past connection that was impossible to predict. Christiana and Micah will have to trust each other to be able to move toward the future they both want, but never imagined they could have.

I read an assassin series by Rien Gray that I enjoyed, and I was looking forward to checking out a shifter book by the author. The book opens right in the action with Christiana on the run from her abusive ex. She doesn’t have a plan or anything with her, she’s just running from him. Micah then rescues Christiana, and Micah already knows who Christiana is to her. But Christiana has no idea there are humans that can transform into wolves, no idea they have mates, and has no idea what to think when Micah takes her far into the woods to where the pack lives.

For as interested as I was to read this book, it didn’t work for me. Once Christiana goes with Micah, we meet the pack and start to learn their history. A lot of information was piled on about Micah’s backstory, as well as the stories of the pack members. It didn’t flow well for me and I found the style made it more difficult to get into the book. Micah also has a family history with her mother, who is higher up the wolf chain of command, and it wasn’t all a smooth flowing, cohesive story.

Christiana is supposed to be hiding out from her ex, but she still goes to her regular job. Her ex is trying to track her in all the ways, yet she’s there at her job and this made no sense at all to me. The ex is shown as a caricature bad guy and his character wasn’t developed at all to be interesting. The mate bond between Christiana and Micah, which is usually the highlight of a mate story, was lackluster as well and I didn’t feel much connection or heat came off the page. There was some shifting and a protective alpha. However, while this book could work better for another reader, it wasn’t the book for me.