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All of Jayden’s friends are finding their special someone’s. And he’s happy for them, really, and happy that it’s not him! Jay would rather have fun, make friends, fall in and out of lust (and lovers), and enjoy life while he’s still young, rather than find himself tied down. His father, though, has other ideas. Like … take school seriously. Get off of your social media and get out there get a job. Like, oh hey, son, I got you an internship with my boss! You start tomorrow! Thanks, Dad.

While crashing a party with a friend, Jayden decides to make the last of his work-free life and find someone to take home. Instead, he ends up going to a hotel with Alek, a handsome older man who keeps Jay up all night and leaves him sore in all the right ways and regretting that it was a one-night stand. The guy made it clear he wasn’t looking for a repeat, even if he was a god in the sack. It would be easier to get over him, though, if the tall, dark and handsome stranger wasn’t Jayden’s new boss. Which means they’ll be working together. In close company with one another. Maybe, if he plays his cards right, Jayden will get his second chance after all.

Tempting Him is the fourth entry in the South River University series, but is easily read as a standalone. While other characters and couple do make appearances, it’s more as cameos than plot adjacent. Jayden is an easy-going extrovert — or extra-vert — as he can’t help himself from trying to charm everyone and everything around him. Including his grumpy boss. He flirts endlessly, making it clear what he wants and, while it might come across as pushy, it’s clear from Alek’s smiles, the ones he tries to fight, and the occasional snort of laughter (and the way he’s constantly showing up to watch over Jay’s group as they work on their projects) that Jay’s not the only one thinking about that night.

Alek is nearly twenty years Jayden’s senior. He’s not just Jayden’s boss, he’s also Jayden’s father’s friend and boss. And sleeping with an intern is wrong. But with Jayden looking at him, smiling on him, making eyes at him, he can’t resist. But Alek has walls miles high and feet thick, and he makes it clear that it’s his way or no way. Nothing can happen at work. Nothing. And no kissing. Ever. He won’t give blowjobs — he’s not even comfortable giving hand jobs — and he won’t switch. He’s the top or this, all of this, stops.

Alek has deep rooted issues, given to him by his parents, about what is and is not allowed. Being gay was wrong, but even worse was being seen as a ‘womanly’ gay man. Therefore, Alek does his best to deny emotions, to deny any comfort or relationship. It’s fucking, one night stands, and no strings attached. Always. Until Jayden, who sneaks his way into Alek’s life … and his heart.

This story is as light and fluffy as a cloud, a cloud filled with rainbows and sparkles. For all of Alek’s internalized homophobia — which Jayden suggests he gets therapy for, knowing (from a past relationship) that that’s something that will take an actual expert to help Alek get past — he wants to love and be loved. He wants to be free of his father’s shadow, and that’s the largest part of this story. Jayden slowly but surely bringing love and joy and happiness to Alek, helping him accept who he is and what he wants.

This is a super quick, super cheerful book and it makes for easy reading. If you’re in the mood for a fluffy, feel-good story interspersed with athletic sex scenes, then give this book a try!

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