Hi gang! Today we are sharing out favorite covers from September. Some of these are from our Challenge Month picks and others are just covers that struck me for one reason or another. Right now I am really loving the graphic photorealistic style that is so popular. I am also into covers that play off the old school style, because it is nice to see these covers focused on LGBTQ romance instead of just heterosexual romance.

Here are my favorites this month. I’d love to hear what you all liked as well!


chrysalis cover

Cover art by S.E. Harmon

long past and other stories cover

Cover art by Gwen Toevs

far patrol cover

Cover art by Natasha Snow

bachelor's valet cover

Cover art by Arden Powell

Charm offensive cover not what it seems cover
saint cover winning with him cover made for you cover
each of us a desert cover knockbridge lane cover one trick pony cover
fog of war cover under the whispering door how not to kidnap a prince cover
descent of ravens cover comfort cover firefly lane