Today I am so pleased to welcome Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood to Joyfully Jay. Ryan and Josh have come to talk to us about their latest release, Ice Angels. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!

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Embarrassing Questions with Ryan & Josh

Answers by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

Questions by a Friend


We asked a friend to come up with a set of questions and record the session in which we answered them. Following is a transcript of the Qs & As. We hope you enjoy our “embarrassing” answers and wonder what yours would be.

For background, we didn’t meet until we were in law school, which we aren’t counting as college. If we did, there might be a few more embarrassing answers.

1. Did you ever kiss a guy secretly at your house growing up? Ryan: Josh: Yes.

2. How old were you when you introduced a boyfriend to your parents as your boyfriend? Ryan: 16 Josh: 23.

3. Did you openly have boyfriends at college? Ryan: Yes. Josh: Yes.

4. In college, did you ever make out in a public place? If yes, briefly describe it and tell who it was with, if you dare. Ryan: Yes, with my boyfriend under a blanket in a corner of the quad at my college’s fall festival.

Josh: Well, um, actually…

Ryan: Come on, spit it out. I did.

Josh: Yes, in the pool at night. I had gone to Florida for spring break with some of my friends and met this guy who was staying at the same hotel we were.

Ryan: What?! You met this guy out of the blue and made out with him right away? That’s ridiculous.

Josh: Like you never did it? I was in college!

Ryan: We’re not talking about me. Was it serious making out?

Josh: (Naughty smile.) I’ll tell you exactly what we did.

Ryan: No!!! (Plugs his ears.) Nananananana! Nananananana!

5. Did you ever kiss a guy at school when you were in high school? Ryan: Josh: Yes. I did it with my hockey player boyfriend a lot, once even in—

Ryan: Stop! God, what is wrong with you.

Josh: He was my first boyfriend.

Ryan: Next question!

6. How many serious long-term relationships have you had? Ryan: Only one. I used to think they were serious until I met Josh and realized what serious really meant.  Josh: Two. The first one nearly killed me, and the second is with Ryan, the love of my life.

7. Have you ever had a girlfriend, as in dated a girl? Ryan: No.  Josh: No, but I’ve had many close friends who are women, and I’ve hung out with them a lot.

8. Think back to the first time you went on a date and took one of your parents’ cars. What kind of car was it? Ryan: (Thinks for a minute.) A silver Volvo.  Josh: (Thinks for longer.) Blue Oldsmobile.

9. Did you ever go on dates with two guys in one day? Ryan: Only once, and one of them really wasn’t a date. We just called it that.  Josh: Mm hm. (Rolls eyes.) The answer is no for me.

10. Have you ever gone to a hockey game on a date? Ryan: Yes. Josh: Yes.


ice angels coverDrew and Cleevs love hockey, but they love each other more. How can the men find a way to save what matters most?

Todd Cleever and Drew Simon are crazy about each other. They started dating three years ago when “Cleevs” was a rookie defenseman for the Chicago Ice. Drew, the team’s captain, was a few years older than Cleevs. Both men were deep in the closet, but it didn’t take long for them to fall in love.

Cleevs was traded to the Bethesda Barracudas a year later, causing a heartbreaking separation. Ever since, they’ve skated around the problem with occasional stolen nights together and brief vacations under the guise of “friends,” but two years of living apart have taken their toll.

As the holiday approaches, Drew and Cleevs decide things have to change. Still, with their careers and two professional hockey teams in the way, how can they score the game-winning goal and save everything they cherish most?

If you like fierce love, a smallish age gap, exciting hockey, and a steely determination to make things work—not to mention enough steam to fog up all your windows and a fantastic HEA—this is the book for you. The novella contains about 43,000 words of sparkling holiday romance.

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ryan taylor and joshua harwood bio imageRyan Taylor and Joshua Harwood met in law school and were married in 2017. They live in a suburb of Washington, DC and share their home with a big, cuddly German shepherd. Ryan and Josh enjoy travel, friends, and advocating for causes dear to their hearts. Ryan also loves to swim, and Josh likes to putter in the garden whenever he can. The romance they were so lucky to find with each other inspires their stories about love between out and proud men.


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