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Length: Novel


Felix and PJ are both college students in Madison, Wisconsin. Though Felix is a nerd and PJ is a jock, they have become friends ever since their rival fraternities held a required intervention about a year ago. Since then, different members of their frats have hooked up to become couples. And, PJ has really admired quiz-bowl champ Felix quite a lot, as a friend and a person. PJ is a jock and a risk-taker who has tons of schemes to make a quick buck betting whenever possible.

Despite his father being a wealthy hedge-fund manager, PJ earns all his petty cash from money-making schemes, getting only the tuition and board covered by his self-absorbed parents. He doesn’t usually bother going home over breaks, because, well, his parents have little interest in him, beyond his dad wanting him to be the best at whatever he does. PJ has learned that pulling a con, long or short, is totally normal and one thing his dad truly values.

Felix has a family that’s always a little short on funds, but long on integrity. Felix thinks PJ is amazing, because his hare-brained schemes always turn up great adventures and some cash that Felix could dearly use. That’s why they are headed for Vegas, trading off driving duties to save the cost of a hotel. They hit a snag on the trip with an unexpected bill at a buffet restaurant. That’s when we learn that Felix, who’s a compact young man, has one heck of a schlong. Like, porn-worthy. And, PJ’s not above revealing it in order to win their bill off the restaurant owner.

Felix has always been a little insecure about his huge dong, seen as a freak by other men, or a one-time attraction by curious females. Nobody has ever really cared about him in those encounters, and so he’s not exactly waving it about. And, yet, PJ seems to count it a true asset. In fact, once they make it to Vegas, it isn’t long before PJ cooks up another scheme for Felix’s third leg to win them some serious cash. PJ has no scruples about using whatever connections he can to save, or make, a buck, so he insists they stay at a hotel owned by the notorious Joey Oretano, one of his dad’s clients, who comps them a beautiful suite. He also seeks out some wild and crazy adventures to help him and Felix relax on this vacation. He gets them tickets to a sweet burlesque show, but that’s just a warm-up for a drag club that hosts a wet jock strap contest. Naturally, PJ is intrigued when the winner gets a cool grand and an entry to the Wang of the Week show for a chance at five large. PJ wants Felix to enter, and Felix is reticent.

But PJ is as game about this idea as he is for high roller Texas Hold ‘em games—which he enters, himself. PJ astutely arranges for Felix to be manscaped, airbrushed, and tutored in movement. Honestly, all the dudes in the club are in awe of Felix’s rod. And that totally includes PJ, who has conveniently kept his bi-side a bit secret from Felix. Until now.

Betting on His BF is the fourth book in the Nerds vs. Jocks series, but read just fine as a standalone. This is a silly and fun bromance that really bolsters both Felix and PJ as people. They both have such deep-seated insecurities, Felix about his body and PJ about his loveless family. The second really comes back to bite them both, as his dad’s bad business deals puts PJ in jeopardy with Joey Oretano, who’s prepared to take his lost funds out of PJ’s dead body. Before all that, though, PJ had some sweet and sensual affection for Felix, and his upstanding member. The kind that Felix truly had never experienced before. Add in their deep friendship and the stage is set for the rapid onset of passion. While Felix has never been with a man before, he’s so comfortable with PJ, and really loves him as a person, so he falls hard for PJ’s determined seduction. And, that’s just about when the gangsters show up.

Things get even zanier after that, which absolutely continues this romp moving forward. Felix is in position to save his best friend, who is now his lover, from certain death, and he’s going to do it with style and a little help from his fairy dragmother—and Elvis panache. I honestly do not want to spoil the hijinks, yet there are some really touch-and-go moments that risk both their lives; Mr. Oretano is not a man with whom to trifle. These boys learn some valuable lessons about knowing when to hold ‘em and fold ‘em and they luckily find out how to run away when walking is off the table. I would definitely read on, if this book has a sequel. These guy are so sweet and fun together, and their love story is tender and earnest. I was glad to see how they cleaved together when times were dire, and it’s always awesome when an underdog saves the day.