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Length: Short story


Julian Pollard has been with Malachi Keogh for four years now, and Julian is the happiest he has ever been. Malachi brings a joy to Julian’s life he didn’t realize he had been missing and now Julian is ready to take the next step and propose. But someone as special as Malachi needs an equally special proposal. However, the Christmas season is so busy at the mail center that it is hard to find time to arrange the right moment. But with a little help from the rest of the team, Julian may be able to make this holiday one that neither he nor Malachi ever forgets.

Dearest Malachi Keogh is a short story follow up to N.R. Walker’s Dearest Milton James. I found it sweet and fun and just what I want in a holiday coda. First, we get a chance to reconnect with Malachi and Julian and the whole group from the mail center. I really enjoy these guys as a couple and they have such a great dynamic between them. I can see the joy and fun that Malachi has brought to Julian’s life and the way Julian has opened himself up since the start of the first book. And of course, Julian helps to rein Malachi’s craziness in a bit. They are such a good match and this story combines both their sweet and sexy sides. The rest of the mail center staff makes an appearance here as helpers in various stages of Julian’s proposal plan. This is a quirky group and we get to see their camaraderie has only grown since the first book.

I also really loved the storyline here and Walker ties it in so perfectly with the main book. I don’t want to give away too many details, but Julian’s proposal connects back to the original Milton James letters in a perfect way, both for the readers, as well as for Malachi as a character. It just makes this story such a lovely cap to the longer novel and feels like a natural extension of Julian and Malachi’s story.

Overall, I found this one charming and sweet, with a nice dash of sexy, and a great way to revisit Malachi and Julian. If you enjoyed Dearest Milton James, this is a lovely chance to round out their story.

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