Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Xander Cole is a model whose on-again, off-again photographer boyfriend, Harvey, has just abandoned him in a hospital in Switzerland with a broken pelvis from a skiing accident. Xander hadn’t even wanted to go to Switzerland, and he’s even less pleased that Harvey doesn’t waste any time jetting off to set up a shoot for Chanel. So, Xander calls his brother Miles to fly to Switzerland and bring him back to his London home. With mere weeks before Christmas, Miles knows he’ll need a real nurse to watch over Xander so he can visit with his children for Christmas. So, he hires Ferris Night to be a live-in nurse to his recuperating, grumpy, younger brother.

Ferris is between jobs for the holidays, having just signed on with a new hospital, but he’d looked forward to the down-time. What he hadn’t anticipated was the leak above his flat that rendered his living situation untenable. While he has a new flat leased, he can’t move in until the new year. Now, it’s couch surf with friends, or stay with his mum and her creepy perv live-in boyfriend. It’s barely a moment before Barry tries it on with Ferris, who bolts. And his bestie’s couch is worse than bare floorboards. Ferris’ struggle seems relieved when he gets a call from a mutual friend connecting him to Miles, who is ready to hire him for 24/7 nursing care, and offering a clean, private bedroom, to help his brother convalesce. Ferris was sold on the bedroom, but he’s surely attracted to Xander’s physical beauty—if not his salty demeanor. Oh, wow, what a meet-cute they have, with Ferris turning up unannounced and Xander preparing to call the police.

This is a fun and frisky holiday romance between a Christmas-loving nurse and his curmudgeonly lovable patient. Xander is truly not used to being bossed around, and he’s also not a holiday-spirit kind of guy. Yet, Ferris’ relentless holiday decorating, coupled with his strict nursing management, cracks through Xander’s resolve. It was so cute watching Ferris plot ways to startle and surprise Xander into merriment, and his baiting humor was more and more winning. Over his years with Harvey, Xander had forgotten his worth and how it feels to be loved wholly. To the point he’s not really feeling worthy of love. And yet Ferris is so open with his joy of the season that sharing a house becomes more enjoyable by the day.

I really loved the banter, and how sweet and tender these guys are, especially when they both agree that the attraction totally simmers between them. The fun and games with the Christmas decorations are a hoot, and the characters are colorful. There’s a brief separation, during which Xander and Ferris get the time to come to grips with how strong their attraction has grown. And, Xander makes an unexpected grand gesture to bring Ferris right back were he belongs—Xander’s home. I loved that he’s so committed to the project that he’s doing all the therapy exercises that he grumped about Ferris conning him into doing. The end is one hundred percent happy, with a look into a solid and loving future.

Note: This is the second edition of the book, which has been revised, significantly expanded, and switched to dual POV.