Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Noah Jones has a plan. He’s leaving Australia to be a teacher in the UK, as he’s always wanted to travel. He has a few months before he leaves and his bank account could use an infusion. Taking a short-term job as a nanny would fill that gap and Noah is used to working for wealthy clients, however, he doesn’t expect to walk into the home of Carter Westlake.

Carter is on the verge of being the hottest movie star. He’s already well known, but the action series he’s currently shooting will catapult his star into the brightest of lights. Carter is everything the box office wants, or so they think, except Carter can’t let anyone know that he’s bisexual. Carter knows it’s a lot for his eight-year-old daughter, Emerson, to be uprooted from home and his hours on set are long, but she is in good hands with Noah, and Carter wishes he could spend more time with the man as well.

A heated stolen kiss has the men starting a secret relationship that they know has a time limit. Carter can’t be out and Noah has a commitment, but their feelings for each other are all too real. However, Noah was not prepared for the Hollywood life and being a secret might be more than he can handle. Carter will have to figure out how to be a movie star and keep Noah in his life as well.

Not Until Noah starts Lisa Henry’s new series about famous men falling for their not famous counterparts. This book pairs movie star Carter, with his daughter’s nanny, Noah. The book has the expected set up with Noah being used to working for wealthy families, but he had no idea he would be working for a movie star. He’s impressed with his surroundings, and he’s impressed with how Carter looks, but Noah is comfortable with his own life.

Carter has custody of his daughter after a messy breakup with his unstable ex-wife. He’s filming three movies back-to-back and loves getting to do the actual acting part, but it’s the rest of stuff he has to do as a commodity that turns him off. This book is expected and familiar in a lot of ways. There are the expected side characters and there are the expected obstacles that the men have and nothing felt fresh. The men talk about their chemistry, but it never came off the page for me and when Carter makes his move, the spark wasn’t there and the intimate time between the men read as transactional.

Carter talks about having an agent, but when he’s really uncomfortable with things he’s asked to do, or his daughter is in danger, he never reaches out to anyone. He just expects to get through to the end of the shoot and hopes it would all go away.

I was looking for a little bit more from this book in a lot of areas, from the chemistry between Carter and Noah, to the overall story that never quite got there for me. The next book in the series features Carter’s musician friend, Marco, and bible college student, Ben, and the excerpt offers an interesting dynamic. For famous men finding love, the Star Crossed series could be what you are looking for.