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The Shadows of London series features a continuing storyline and this review will naturally reveal potential spoilers for the series in general.

Dom has found a sort of home working for Kempthorne & Co. He has an interesting relationship with his boss, Alexander Kempthorne, and now that Dom has learned more about the man, they are tied together in ways Dom never anticipated. Dom knows many of Kempthorne’s secrets now and these recent revelations have Dom covering for Kempthorne. But being forced to lie puts Dom in danger when he fails his latent competency test. He’s now on the radar of the authorities and one more strike and Dom will be taken into custody.

In the middle of trying to stay stable and keep his trick under control, there are threats and shadows following Dom. Someone knows where Dom came from and what he did many years ago and there are latents being murdered. Dom and Kempthorne team up with American agent, Kage, to catch a killer and while Dom is attracted to Kage, he’s not sure he can trust the man.

The shadows in London are rising and Dom can’t seem to get a handle on his trick that keeps breaking free. An unstable latent is deemed a danger and a threat and not even Kempthorne may be able to save Dom in time.

Tide of Tricks follows Twisted Pretty Things in the Shadows of London series. The books are meant to be read in order as this story continues where the first one left off. We get a few answers and still more questions in this twisty world of physic energy. The atmosphere in the book is great, the reading is addictive, and the world came together better for me in this installment.

Everything is difficult for Dom in this book. He’s loyal, yet there is a possibility that his loyalty is misplaced at his job and with Kempthorne and Kage. He is trusting, too trusting much of the time, and because he wants to help, he finds himself on the receiving end of a whole lot of trouble. Even if Dom doesn’t know everything about Kempthorne, he knows too much and that jeopardizes everything for him. He has also been able to keep his trick under control for a long time, but now the stress of everything going on around him may be too much, or someone, including those closest to him, may be setting him up or sabotaging him.

This is really the book you want to go into without knowing much about it after reading the first book. There is a lot going on with Dom, but Nash keeps all the storylines flowing as a serial killer is murdering latents, with Dom is on that list, and Dom is trying to catch the killer. Dom is protecting Kempthorne’s secrets, and he’s trying to avoid the shadows rising, battle the ghost of his past, and work through his attraction to both Kage and Kempthorne, all while trying to keep himself under control. There is an attraction and chemistry between Dom and both Kage and Kempthorne and there is interest, but this series so far is not a romance but urban fantasy with romantic elements.

I do still feel that Kage’s character was written to be American so he could be insulted for it, as that is how some of the comments land for me. Every time Dom wants to believe in something or someone, he winds up in truly dire circumstances and the book ends with a cliffhanger and life is certainly unfair for Dom as the book ends. The next book will offer some POV from Kempthorne and I am all in with learning more and returning to this world once again. If you like urban fantasy with the perfect mix of a main character such as Dom, layered world building, and an intriguing story with an interesting cast, you certainly would want to read this as well.

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