Today I am so pleased to welcome Anna Kensing to Joyfully Jay. Anna has come to talk to us about her latest release, Hard Chrome. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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“A lot of power under that hood,” Bas says. He’s staring out the windshield, but that dimple is flashing again, and that’s a come-on if ever Dylan’s heard one.

“Yeah,” Dylan says, and he’s racking his brain for a similarly car-themed innuendo, but his brain has shorted out with the nearness of Sebastian and the magic of finally being alone with him.

“Wanna make out?” Bas asks, casting a glance sideways and raising his eyebrows comically high.

“What, here?” Dylan looks out the windows. There’s no one around, sure, but they’re barely off the main road and a national park ain’t exactly the place he wants to get arrested for public indecency. And Dylan’s been sporting a semi more or less since he first saw Bas cross the street toward him, but now he’s about to bust the zipper of his jeans.

“You’re a mechanic,” Bas continues, and gives Dylan another of those sideways glances under the fall of his hair. “You’ve never fucked in a car before?”

“Didn’t say that,” Dylan answers. He eyes Bas’s long legs, spread slightly apart under the steering wheel. They’re both six-foot-something guys, and the T-Bird’s a two-seater. Shit, if he’d had the foresight to drive the Impala out here, maybe.

Bas runs a caressing hand along the T-Bird’s polished dash. “You’ve put so much work into this car. Don’t you think we should christen her?”

“I think it took me nearly a week to redo the upholstery, and if you get jizz all over it…” Dylan’s dick thinks it’s the best idea it’s ever heard, though.

Bas opens the door, and it squeals the way Dylan deliberately left it to do. He swings his legs out and looks over his shoulder. “On the hood, then. Even better.”

“Dude,” Dylan objects. “You have any idea how long this paint job took?” He’s getting out the passenger side anyway, though, and glances behind him at the road. No one’s coming along it at the moment. Even if someone did, the building will hide what they’re doing. Probably.


hard chrome coverNeither time nor distance is on their side…

Twenty years ago, Dylan and Sebastian weren’t ready for the feelings between them, but the death of Dylan’s father has brought them back together. Dylan lovingly restores classic cars and he’s not keen on sharing his shop with his much younger lawyer stepbrother from the big city. But he doesn’t want to dishonor his father’s dying wish.

When Sebastian returns to Maine and learns of his inheritance, their passion flares into something neither of them is ready for.

Love requires sacrifice, but will either give up the life he’s built for a new life together?

Hard Chrome is a second chance, small town romance with an age gap between a hot-tempered mechanic and a cool-as-a-cucumber lawyer, competence kink (on both sides), a 1955 Ford Thunderbird in need of restoration, meddling best friends (and former best friends), a cat named Simone and a dog named Giles, at least three hundred houseplants, and car sex.


anna kensing avatarAnna Kensing writes steamy paranormal historical romances that flirt with taboo. Her characters are often weird, mostly queer, and always get their happily-ever-after. Eventually. She’s obsessed with octopuses and the tv show Supernatural, listens to classical flute duets and heavy metal music while writing, and loves her scotch and Irish whiskies. When she’s not thinking about writing, she’s usually thinking about her next tattoo.

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