Today I am so pleased to welcome Vinni George to Joyfully Jay. Vinni has come to talk to us about her latest release, Revolving Door. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

revolving door



The sound of shoeboxes falling off a shelf came from within the costume room. “All right in there?”

“All good. I might need a hand getting these back up on the shelf, though.”

“Of course, your high—Hank, what in the sweet gay hell are you wearing?”

Hank looked down his legs to the seven-inch with a four inch-platform, rhinestoned Pleasers on his feet. He shrugged. “I think they go with the crown rather nicely. Oh, hold on. Let me get the torch.”

He hoofed it back to the bedroom, and I nearly had a heart attack watching him walk. The heel on those shoes looked like it required scaffolding to get onto.

“Lady Liberty is a statuesque dame. I need the extra height.”

I took him in from bedazzled crown to light-up rhinestoned torch to death trap heels. “You know I don’t yuck anyone else’s yum, but you, Miss Sausage, are going to break a goddamn hip in those.”

“I am not. I’ve been practicing.” Hank strutted across the room, and I had to ball my hands into fists to keep from reaching out to steady him.

“You might need more practice before you’re stage ready. You know how I feel about hospitals. I’m not going into one of those death factories, even for you.”

“I know, I know, Archer. But a broken hip is hardly life threatening, especially since I’m relatively spry for my age.” Hank did a catwalk strut and wobbled just a little on the turn. My heart stuttered in my chest. I was one hundred percent emotionally ill-equipped to deal with a medical emergency. “Besides, I’ve got—What time is it?”

I looked at my watch. “Four fifteen.”

“Twenty-seven hours until these babies make their debut. That’s plenty of time.”


“Plenty. Of. Time.” He sashayed across the living room. He was getting steadier. “Drag is a young person’s game nowadays. Despite being a legend, I don’t get booked to perform as often anymore. I have to show up”—Hank snapped his fingers over his head, emphasizing the words—“or I’ll be shown out.”

I sighed. “A few things. One, you are sixty-nine for fuck’s sake. The fact that you can show up at all is pretty impressive.”

Hank mimed tossing his hair and struck a pose with a hand on his hip. To his credit he only teetered for a second. “Sixty-nine and feeling fine.”

“Yes, sixty-nine does feel fine.”

A balled-up wad of fabric hit me in the face, and Hank snorted. “Behave.”

I winked. “Never. But, as I was saying, they’d be fools to show you out. You are the great Summer Sausage. Drag legend. Host extraordinaire. Icon. Star. You don’t need heels like that to make people fall at your feet, gorgeous. They already do.”

“And don’t you forget it. But these babies”—Hank wiggled his toes and threw his hands out to the side for balance, and my heart stuttered for a second—“are too pretty not to wear.”

I knew when I’d been beaten. Now, I’d just have to pray to St. RuPaul and Blessed Trixie Mattel that he’d make it through his show without significant injury.


revolving door coverOpen Doors, Book 2

Fletcher Morgan doesn’t like a single thing about Archer Waverly—not his pretty face, his wicked wit, or his perfect body. He especially hates the way Archer flirts with anyone and everyone. Everything about Archer reminds Fletcher of someone from his past he would much rather forget.

Archer thought Fletcher could be the silver fox of his dreams…until Fletcher opened his mouth and told Archer exactly how he felt about him. Now Archer is more than happy to rile Fletcher up and accept the consequences. Sparks fly every time they see each other proving hate is as potent as lust and enemies with benefits just might be better than friends with benefits.

When an unfortunate incident involving Archer’s aging drag queen housemate brings Archer and Fletcher together, they realize there might be more to the other than meets the eye and maybe there really is a thin line between love and hate.

Revolving Door is the second full-length novel in the Open Doors series featuring a slightly surly silver fox surf shop owner who refuses to fall in love again, a (mostly) reformed flirt who has never been in love, and a fabulous aging drag queen who has a penchant for platforms.


vinni george avatarVinni George has been a lover of romance novels (of all shapes, sizes, and colors) since she first got her hands on one of her grandmother’s Harlequins and has never looked back. She lives in Ohio with her two favorite guys (her husband and son) and, hopefully—one day—a dog. When not writing her own stories, she can be found helping to polish other people’s novels. In her spare time, Vinni dabbles in performance art, quilting, and various culinary pursuits and enjoys traveling.

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To celebrate the release of Revolving Door, Vinni is giving away e-sets of her Open Doors Series so far (2 ebooks). Two winners will be chosen. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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