Today I am so pleased to welcome Kat Silver to Joyfully Jay. Kat has come to talk to us about a new release, Dark Fate (Flame-Born 2). Kat has also brought along an exclusive excerpt and great giveaway! Please join me in giving a big welcome!



Kat has written some questions and answers to share with us today! 

Introduce yourself and your writing

Hi, I’m Kat Silver. I write hot and dark rollercoaster urban fantasy with an epic feel and touch of kink. I released my debut Dark Flame in February this year, and the second in series Dark Fate, hit the Kindle Unlimited shelves this November.


What/who inspired you to start writing?

I was definitely inspired by all the fantasy books I read growing up. From The Magic Faraway Tree to The Magician, to Lord of the Rings. And then later, hot and swoony romance. But I’m, also a maladjusted dreamer, so I’m just turning that into something useful.


Tell us about your new release. What inspired you to write it?

Dark Fate came about because I was hopping between YA fantasy and steamy MM romance and became frustrated there weren’t many books that truly mashed these genres. A gripping and enthralling fantasy that also has an erotic romance at its heart. So I decided to write one.


What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Everything. I’m a newbie. I’d written uncompleted attempts at other projects before Dark Flame, some short stories, but I’d never attempted one giant mega-story. It’s been quite the learning curve.


Did you learn anything from writing your book? What was it?

Yeah, I learnt that the story will come. Your creative mind will give you the answers. You just have to be patient and available, and give yourself stare-out-the-window space.


Do you have any advice for other writers?

Trust your natural human ability to create and tell story. It’s hard wired into our brains. You’ve just got to keep laying down the words and keep yourself open.


Are there any genres you prefer to write and if so, why?

I’m a fantasy writer through and through. And every story has to have romance or I lose interest.


What book are you reading at the moment?

I’m beta reading a story for Lee Colgin called Changeling. It’s the one that comes after her current release Mongrel. I recommend both.


Do characters and stories just pop into your head, or do you take your time thinking about and planning them?

I take time to think and plan, more so with each book. I learnt early on that if you don’t have a plan, a complex story will flounder pretty quickly. So I look at the threads I have and sort out their arcs, then draft some basic scenes.


Do you write often? Do you have a schedule?

I write every day that I’m able unless I’m resting between books. The only days I can’t write is when I’m doing the day job. Or should I say, night job as I’m a night nurse.


If you had access to a time machine just once, is there anything you’d go back and change? Either on a personal level or an historical event?

Yeah, I’d go back and start writing straight out of school. It breaks my heart that I started so late, but I’m grateful that I did eventually find my true love, which is story.


From Chapter 11

With clenched fists, I enter a room so dimly lit I’d be blind if I didn’t have night vision. Sensuous lounge music, soft moans, and chatter fill the dark. The air sizzles, thick with electric Flame. If I get out of this club without losing my shit to a Haze, it’ll be a bloody miracle.

The rich copper scent of blood is so strong it draws water into my mouth, forcing me to swallow. When my eyes adjust, I find a large space cluttered with couches, food-laden coffee tables, and a lot of naked flesh.

Vampires recline in clusters, half-dressed and draped over couches. Some rest with glasses of wine in hand, plucking morsels from plates of food. Others indulge in various forms of sensual pleasure with what I assume are Channelers—naked humans in nothing but sparkling collars and delicate chains.

So this is the Blood Guard at rest.

Glowing eyes turn to inspect the newcomer. I ignore their curious stares.

A lazy ambiance pervades the room, more akin to an opium den than a sex club. The Channelers smile, eyes lustful but sober, not Hazed, just content. Vadim’s rules must extend even inside this room.

Beloved. The velvet whisper slides into my mind like a lover’s breath.

In answer, a wave of need crashes through my body, nearly taking me to my knees. I grit my teeth and every muscle. Holy shit, I’d forgotten how strong his pull is.

I’m here, I say flatly, knowing he can hear me.

A deep relief that’s not my own floods through my chest. Come to me.

I wind my way through the tables and couches, attention fixed on the curtained alcove ahead, determination driving every stride. The closer I get, the more intensely the building Flame squirms inside my abdomen—a trapped creature clawing for release. When I reach the curtains, I pause, fisting the layers of silk and breathing deep to settle jangling nerves.

This is crazy. Beyond crazy. I’m already panting to be close to him, my dick like a hard and desperate antenna, chafing against its tight enclosure to reach the elegant hand it craves. I’m exposed, every one of my thoughts and feelings on display to his watchful mind. What the hell was I thinking?

You have no reason to fear me, youngling.

Well, that’s bollocks.

Come. Let me look upon you.

Getting a grip, I push the curtain aside and step into the alcove a half-circle space bordered by a velvet couch. Tasteful shades of plum and gray dress every surface, including the candlelit walls.

Three vampires occupy the space, and I’m vaguely aware of Channelers, but the dominating presence in the middle draws all my attention.

Swallowing hard, fingers tightly coiled, I avoid the weighty gaze. The oil-black eyes that can compel me with one look. My heart thuds in my chest.

“Michael,” purrs the voice from my dreams.

Master. Fuck.

Seductive lips curl into a smile. Yesss.

He’s leaning back, sunk into the velvet like a man satiated, an arm slung along the headrest, the other limp in his lap. Power exudes from him in heavy waves, breaking across my skin as prickles. Where the hell do his giant wings go when he isn’t using them? His open black shirt shows pale skin and the lean muscles of his chest. Silken strands of dark hair caress his smooth brow and spill past fae ears. And that face, that beautiful, arrogant face, with its ludicrous cheekbones and moonlight skin, takes my breath away.

The need to kneel before him and rest my head in his lap overwhelms me. My legs almost give way. I clench my fingers until the nails dig skin.



“And if I am a monster? Will you want me then?”

Ten days after the battle at Blackriver, Michael struggles with new forbidden desires, with his rampant supernatural energy, and a deepening relationship with the taciturn werewolf, Commander Gabriel Flanagan.

Michael burns to rescue the students stolen by the manipulative vampire prince, Alexei Vasiliev. But the High Council refuses to free Michael from his chains. They fear half-breed who decimated an entire company of soldiers and came back from the dead. Yet, Michael still yearns for a future among the Guardians. For a place beside his Finnish, silver-eyed giant. For a home within the crazy supernatural world he’s now bound to.

But does Michael still have a future? He’s a descendent of the Warlock — from a bloodline that produces only monsters. If discovered, not even his protective lover can save him from certain execution. He may not want to.

Dark Fate is the second book in the Flame Born series. This MM urban fantasy/paranormal romance is action packed, featuring steaming hot scenes, a hunk of an alpha love interest, a snarky vampire prince, and one too many shady characters to count. 

*There are scenes in this book some readers may find distressing. See inside for details. For mature audiences only.*


I’m a simple northern English lass with an addiction to writing, as well as all things romance. Also addicted to cats, cat videos, and anything with, you know, cats in it. And there’s chocolate, and tea, coffee too, and rainy Sundays. Okay, I have many addictions. But my first love has always been story in all its forms, from movies to books to anecdotes told over a beer at the local pub. If we’re sharing a story, I’m all ears. And if it’s fantasy with sexy heroes and vampires and lots of angsty luuurve, I’m probably drooling. Come in, pour yourself a tea, and kick your shoes off. Let me tell you a story.


Kat has brought along a great tour-wide giveaway. One lucky reader will win a $30 Amazon gift card and signed copy of Dark Flame (Flame Born 1). Just follow the giveaway link below to enter. The contest ends on at 11:59 pm ET.


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