best of 2021 badgeThe end of the year approaches quickly, which means it’s time to take a look back and highlight my favorite reads of the year. I always like looking back and seeing what sticks out as the cream of the crop. If you’ve been following along, I’m sure some of these won’t come as a surprise to you. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list of the best books I’ve read this year.



Soulbound series by Hailey Turner—Okay, I know this isn’t shocking to anyone. Turner’s books have consistently made my best of list for years now. The final two books in the Soulbound series released this year, and everything about them worked for me. An Echo in the Sorrow brought things to a head and A Veiled and Hallowed Eve wrapped everything up. It has every kind of supernatural creature, magic and monsters, myths and legends. I love the intricate world building, the complex characters, and the all encompassing story. And the audiobooks are amazing as well


fairy and impartial coverFairy and Impartial by Meghan Maslow—For the second year running, this series makes this list. With each book released, I become more invested in the characters and the overarching plot, not to mention there’s a sense of humor laced throughout the books, with a hint at the ridiculous on every page.



Names for the Dawn by C.L. Beaumont—This author is quickly becoming one of my favorites for his narrative style and descriptive writing, so of course I had to include this book here. Will, in particular, captured my heart, and I was absolutely transported when reading this book.


code red coverCode Red by N.R. Walker—This book is walks the line between heartbreaking angst and sweet romance, and balances them perfectly. Mental health is treated with raw realism, while also showing exactly what the right kind of support and love can do for someone on the edge. Roscoe and Maddox had me from the first page, and this tale kept me engrossed until the final HEA.



Five Dead Herrings by E.J. Russell—The first book in the Quest Investigations series hooked me into the world…and incidentally led me down the path of reading the rest of the books in the Mythmatched Universe. This book is a mystery first, romance second, but the characters are so well drawn that I couldn’t help but become invested. I’m looking forward to more in the series.


comfort coverComfort by Chace Verity—This short story was near perfection, with characters that felt so real they could jump off the page. On top of that, this book was everything a short story should be, with spot on pacing and hitting every right note. I simply adored Eileen and Sorrel.



No Surrender by Nora Phoenix—This book has created family, self discovery, and a healthy dose of BDSM. Not to mention some familiar characters from the No Shame series. I couldn’t wait for Wander’s book, and the connection he made with Burke was so heartfelt. And oh, Burke broke my heart, especially in the way he was treated by his brothers. I loved that Wander saw Burke for who he truly was and helped him accept himself.


And there you have it. My top reads of the year. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!