Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella


Scott met Jericho and Pascal at a club on Halloween and they hit it off. Jericho and Pascal are boyfriends who’ve lived together for the past three years and who are both into kink. Pascal prefers puppy play and Jericho is really into medical kink, which is Scott’s preferred play scenario also. Jericho and Pascal enjoy inviting in a third, because while Pascal is okay with the medical kink, he much prefers to be a “medical assistant” than Jericho’s “patient” and that’s the sweet spot that Scott has fallen into.

Approaching Christmas, it’s clear that there’s more than just sexy times for this rambunctious trio. First, Scott and Pascal enjoy hanging out and holiday shopping together, and Jericho loves coming home to find them chilling out and watching a movie. They all seem to get on as friends, and that’s why Jericho asks if Scott will come and stay with them for the entirety of Christmas week, as they are all off from work. It’s a big step, and Scott is interested, but he’s a little afraid to fall hard for these men if he’s just going to be one of any number of kink partners for Jericho and Pascal.

The more time they spend, however, the more the bond between all three of them grows. It’s so freeing for Scott to fully embrace his kink side, and actively participate in scenes with Pascal that Jericho directs, be they naughty schoolboys, imagined non-consent, or even pup care. Neighbors and mutual friends pop over, and it only seems to foster a growth from casual to something more.

I liked how this relationship developed, though it seemed a little quick. I think it was good that Pascal and Jericho were so committed to each other, because it made Scott comfortable and also feel more welcome on a deeper level. This novella is literally jam-packed with kink, and the medical play might be a little much for some readers. Do not expect a lot of whips or chains, though. Most of the D/s stuff is role-play oriented, with a bit of spanking at most. That said, expect a lot of tenderness, and a sweet connection that brings Scott in with Jericho and Pascal permanently.