Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrators: Aiden Snow and Tim Paige
Length: 6 hours, 4 minutes

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Good Intentions is the second book in the Intentions Duet. The books are designed to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal plot points for the series.

For Marcus St. James, business and work have always come first. That is, until he met Gabriel Romero. Marcus is still at the top of his game at work and is in high demand, but Gabe has shown Marcus what else he could have in life.

Gabe challenges Marcus in every way and continually surprises him. The 20-year age difference melts away as Gabe is bold and secure in his own life. However, Marcus has no experience having a partner and consulting them on major decisions and this oversight has led to Gabe shutting him out. But Gabe desperately wants to let Marcus back in, he wants Marcus for all time. If Marcus and Gabe can both leave their insecurities behind and show each other what’s in their hearts, their future together will be beyond any dreams they ever had for themselves.

Good Intentions picks up where Bad Intentions left off. I really enjoy this continuation style and Frank does it well as the story of Marcus and Gabe continues with Marcus going to NYC for a possible life-changing meeting and Gabe feeling left behind. This issue is dealt with quickly though, as Marcus realizes just how important Gabe has become to him.

The book moves through the progression of their relationship as the men realize what they want from each other. Neither had a serious relationship in mind, but when they are together, everything is better. I especially liked how even through there is a 20-year age difference and Marcus is successful and powerful, Gabe can hold his own right next to Marcus, something Marcus enjoys as well.

The men have great chemistry that builds as they get more comfortable with each other, and it was also great to see them just living their lives together and going on dates and enjoying being together. That’s what this book is; there is not a lot of drama, there are no secrets or deceptions, and it’s a solid romantic contemporary book about two men falling in love. Although I still would have like more backstory on Gabe’s music and how he is so well connected. With cameos from characters from Frank’s other series, most notably Logan and Tate, the duet for Marcus and Gabe is warm and lighter with great banter and two sexy men living their best lives.

I once again enjoyed this audio version with narrators Tim Paige and Aiden Snow. They continue to carry the story well, with alternating POVs. The timing and banter are delivered well and, while I still feel they do sound alike, I enjoyed their presence and performance. The atmosphere that the story and the narrators create together makes this a great choice to listen to for a sexy, romantic, contemporary story.

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