Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novella


A would-be assault in a bar bathroom one night — three against one — turns out to be the best thing that could happen. For one, it makes Bowen see Chiz as something more than a lovely mouth meant to give blowjobs, and instead as someone who can hold his own in a fight, someone with a sense of humor, a temper, and a fair share of snark. It’s also a chance for Chiz to get closer to the man he’s had a crush on for quite some time. Knowing Bowen only saw him as a quick way to blow off steam every now and then, Chiz had kept his dreams of having the man in his bed where they were, safe in his head, but now … now he has a chance to make them come true. Unfortunately, in the middle of the men getting to know one another on a deeper level, Dare, the owner of the bar, comes barging into the house wanting to know why his brother and two of his friends were found on the bathroom floor.

Dare can’t get the image of the Chiz and Bowen out of his head … so he puts it on to paper. A loving and highly detailed picture of the two of them fucking in the back of a truck, so surprisingly lifelike you could almost believe he’d been there, watching them. On a whim, Dare sends the picture to Bowen, which leads to the biggest fight, the most danger, and the greatest loves of Dare’s life.

This book, the first in the Triple Threat series, requires a strong suspension of disbelief. The characters accept things readily and almost instantly, with emotion outweighing intellect. Shifting in this world feels more akin to magic; a bite is an instant ‘conversion’ (to use the book’s phrasing), allowing Dare to go from human to wolf and back in seconds. There is no world building in this book, just a hasty patchwork cover made of various paranormal tropes.

Chiz is human. He likes sex and can do ‘martial arts.’ Bowen has a ranch with cows on it. He’s a wolf shifter. He likes sex. Dare is a giant of a man, gentle-hearted and not overly educated who may or may not have magic visions — but that’s never gone into in any detail whatsoever in the book. Who the men were before they met one another isn’t the point. The point of this book seems to be Chiz and Bowen having sex, and then Dare and Chiz and Bowen having sex. The sex is well-written, with spanking, knotting, spit as lube, and some light BDSM overtones. The writing isn’t terrible and the pace is pretty decent — though Chiz and Dare have a long conversation about what to do with, about, and to Bowen that the reader never gets to see — and the book has some moments here and there. However, this isn’t a story for people who want a rich, detailed world. It’s a book for people who want to read about three hot guys getting together and getting it on.

I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with the series, but I don’t mind having read this book. If you’re looking for a raunchy read to start the new year, this one might be worth a try.