Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short Story


Ervyn and Lochan have their allegiance to each other, but their day job is their allegiance to the Scouts. Their latest mission has them working together under the direct orders of the Commander and it’s all fun and games until the pair encounter an issue on the mission that has them seeking cover. In tight, secluded quarters, the men have to stay hidden until the danger of being seen passes and they both can think of enticing ways to pass the time.

The Order series is one of my favorites and Ervyn and Lochan are definitely my favorite elves. It’s such a rush each and every time to be back in their world and the only issue with this book (and is it really even an issue) is that it’s a short story and I definitely wanted more time with them.

This book is set before the end of The Scouts and before Ervyn visits the horse fair. The story truly works best having read the other books in the series and being familiar with these characters and their world. Then, it’s a treat to see Ervyn and Lochan on an adventure doing what they do best and having an interlude in a place that only these elves could find themselves in. Although they are on a mission, there is also time for a playful and erotically charged scene between the two, something their schedules don’t always allow for. The author excels at world building and character development and dialogue once again and this story only makes me wish to return to this world.

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