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Ollie is at a club looking for a hot night out. He is about to get one, by way of sexy biker, Six, when their tryst is interrupted. But the men connect once again when Ollie’s friend is in danger and Six comes riding to the rescue. With Ollie’s apartment now unsafe, Six offers to let him stay at the bikers’ clubhouse, but that means Six and Ollie must share a room. Six is wary, because while he is totally into Ollie, now that Ollie is under Six’s protection, Six doesn’t think they should get involved.

The temptation is too much, however, especially when Ollie makes it clear just how much he wants Six. While the men may have met while looking for a hookup, both are actually hoping to find something more serious. Ollie is a sub with a service kink and is looking for a Daddy who will want to take care of him and appreciate what he has to offer. And Six is a Daddy Dom who wants a boy interested in that role both in and out of the bedroom.

As the men spend more time together, they are finding themselves a perfect fit. Six loves that Ollie is sassy and spunky, but also wants to be owned and cared for. The men may not have been together long, but everything is telling them this could be something real and they may have found their forever loves.

Temptation is the second book in Kiki Clark’s Leather and Chrome series, and I think it works fine as a standalone. That said, CJ and Tank appear here, and Six was a favorite side character of mine in Reckless, so I think this was extra fun having read the first book. In Reckless, we see Six as Tank’s good friend who lives in the room next door at the clubhouse. CJ has a kink for being watched, so we get to know Six as he plays the voyeur. It is clear that Six enjoys watching the guys, but also that he is missing that relationship of his own, so I really enjoyed getting his story here.

Ollie is a perfect match for Six, not just in their aligning kinks, but in their personalities as well. Ollie is bubbly and bright, sassy and sexy. He loves to look pretty and wear sexy underwear. Ollie is pretty adorable (and he and CJ are super charming as new best friends), and he brings a lot of light to the more stoic Six. There is a nice sense that these guys are both finding something in one another that they have wanted for a long time. They build a Daddy/boy dynamic that goes both in and out of the bedroom and the pair are super sexy together. The story doesn’t cover a long time period, but the forced proximity element of the guys living together in Six’s room, plus Ollie being under Six’s close protection, means they are together almost all the time. So I had no problems accepting things moving a bit quickly and really enjoyed them together.

This story isn’t super heavy on conflict, but readers should be aware there is an element of domestic abuse here. Ollie’s good friend (and landlord) is in an abusive relationship and there is a scene with some on page violence. Clark lays out exactly where it is in the author notes, so you can skip over this pretty easily, but be aware if this subject is a trigger for you. It does tie in nicely with some issues from Six’s past, as well as the club’s initiative to help protect victims of domestic violence. I think it is a nice way to get some sense of the big picture of the club, and I’ve enjoyed meeting some other members. This story does tease a bit for the next book, as well as a holiday novella coming up (and I’m hoping those few hints for a book for Ollie’s friends come true as well).

I am continuing to enjoy this series and found Temptation sexy and fun. Six and Ollie are an appealing couple, I like the world Clark has established, and I am looking forward to more motorcycle club romances.

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