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Dragon Warrington Vol is now leader of his own clan and has made a great life for himself, along with his two best friends he considers his brothers. On a rare night out, W is looking for some fun and stress release. He never expects to meet the most delectable man he’s ever seen and form an instant connection. He also doesn’t expect the man to be gone when an emergency interrupts them before he can get the man’s name, but that doesn’t deter W. He’s determined to find the man again, as soon as he can, and find out if the spark is still there.

Sebastian Addams has found himself the guardian of his two younger siblings after their parents died in a tragic accident. He manages a night out, meets an amazing man, but the moment their encounter is over, he bolts, thinking it didn’t mean anything. He certainly doesn’t expect that when he shows up for his job interview the next morning, he will come face to face with the man from the club and a job offer he can’t refuse. W is now his boss, but W makes it clear that he intends to pursue Seb, though Seb’s job is not contingent upon that.

W knows there’s something special between them. Being able to lift Seb and his siblings out of a bad situation by way of the job and accommodations is only the first step. W and Seb can’t stay away from each other, and though they take things slowly for a few days, they both can feel the connection. Seb is only part dragon, unlike W, and feels he’s less than. But W shows him he’s worth everything, and that they are mates. It’s a surprise to them both when Seb becomes pregnant.

But there is someone targeting the Skye Dun clan, and W and his brothers are determined to protect everyone while also getting to the bottom of things. Danger is lurking, but W and Seb are creating a life together and won’t let anything get in the way.

This is the first book in a new series by Michael, and if you’re a fan of the author, you’ll find a lot of familiarity here. The book is full of heat and eroticism, as well as instalove of fated mates, instant family combining with a found family, and a whole lot of sweetness. Throw in a dash of danger, and a male pregnancy, and that sums up the book well.

The story is told in alternating POVs, so we get to see both characters’ thoughts and feelings. I will admit that it felt to me as skimming just below the surface at times, and not a truly in depth study. Sebastian is probably the more developed of the two MCs, as he has layers that slowly unfold. He’s unsure and trying his best at the beginning of the story, and as the book progresses, we see more of his true self. More of his backbone, as well as his nurturing side. W is a bit more stereotypical as an alpha who is supposed to be hard nosed and ruthless, but melts for Seb and the kids.

I will say that Michael does a good job walking the line of what could have been a severe power imbalance. W has everything he could ever need in regards to resources, and he bulldozes into Sebastian’s life. Seb is on the brink of meltdown, trying to care for his siblings who are a lot younger than he is. He has nothing, lives in a crappy part of town, and has valid fears when it comes to taking care of and protects his siblings. But the author balances all that with showing just how strong W and Seb’s connection is and the pull of their mating, and does a good job of showing how Seb contributes, both at work and at home.

My one real issue here was the lack of intensity and urgency in regards to the danger facing the clan. For me, the few instances where it cropped up felt too quick and almost glanced over. There were several scenes where the danger came knocking, but each was over quickly and only made up a small part of the story as a whole. I would have liked to see this play a bigger role, considering what it was supposed to be, and that it’s a through plot point for the rest of the series.

This is your typical alpha/omega romance, but in a good way. Michael works within the trope in a familiar way, but the story doesn’t come off as too trite or cliché. I definitely liked the alternate reality of every human at least having some dragon in them, and the way the author played with that throughout the book. If you’re looking for a book with mpreg, a hint of danger, and a big, loving family, then consider this book.

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