best of 2021 badgeI read a lot of different types of M/M books, so my list might be a little eclectic.


First off, my fave YA book/series is definitely the Dragon King series by Debbie McQueen. There were four novels that I read for this series, and the culminating one, Scales of Change, is plain out awesome. I would recommend the whole series if you are into fantasy, YA romance—ie: no steam, but PLENTY of feels and such gut-wrenching emotion! A young prince and his dragon-shifter mate literally save their world from war and ruin. I couldn’t wait for each book to become available and this culminating book for the series was everything I’d hoped it would be and MORE!


mr jingle bells coverThis season I’ve read about 12 holiday LGBTQ romances, and I have to say that Mr. Jingle Bells by Leta Blake blew me away. Two seemingly mismatched coworkers find an amazing amount of common ground, and an inexplicable tenderness that explodes on the page. It’s got so many layers, especially in terms of people who are battling addiction, and those who are protecting their own fragile hearts from abuse. I’ve read all the books in the Home for the Holidays series and adored them, but I’ll this book marked a new barometer against which I’ll be measuring any that come out in the future.


captivated coverAs for Sci-Fi romance, I REALLY enjoyed Captivated by AC Thomas. This is a sequel to Restricted, and is probably best enjoyed if you read the first book, but I think readers who enjoy Sci-fi romance will fall for the inimitable Dr. Theophrastus Campbell as he woos his kidnapper, Captain Jun Park-Seo, while trying to also save the galaxy. It’s fun and edgy, and sweet and sexy. And, well, I cannot WAIT for the next book in the series to drop.



scandal at the salty dog coverIn the cozy mystery M/M group, I’ve been very much enjoying the Secrets and Scrabble series by Josh Lanyon, most recently The Scandal at the Salty Dog (Book 4). This series features a former actor, screenwriter, and now an erstwhile bookseller, Ellery Page, who was bequeathed a mystery book shop and home in Pirate’s Cove by his great aunt. He’s always getting caught up in a murder case, much to the chagrin of his new boyfriend—Chief of Police Jack Carson. Ellery is adorable, and I’d love him in any locale, but the residents of Pirate’s Cove make an enjoyable tableau of the small-town and ingenious. I’ve read all the books cover to cover, and usually in one sitting each.


sugared game coverIn historical romance, I have enjoyed the first two books in the Will Darling Adventures by K.J. Charles. The Sugared Game is the second book, and I’d have read the third one already if life would stop getting in the way of my reading. This series features Will Darling, a Brit war WWI veteran trying to return to polite society, but he’s embroiled in mayhem nearly the second he assumes control of his deceased uncle’s bookshop. And, there’s a sexy disgraced Lord-cum-spy, Kim Secretan, who makes everything both better and more complicated.


unexpected kind of loveIn contemporary standalone, I was totally gone for An Unexpected Kind of Love by Hayden Stone. This one features a British introverted bookseller, who unexpectedly connects with a sexy quietly-gay American actor. It brought all the Notting Hill vibes that melt me from head to toes.



Sorry, I’m such a heavy series reader that MOST of my choices are all linked with a host of other great books. It turns out I’m a huge fan of MCs who also own book shops? I hadn’t suspected, but it makes sense, as I’d love to be that person in real life! In any case, I hope this gives you a few ideas that might spark your winter reads list, and I wish you all a happy 2022!