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River’s NAU-blue athletic shirt with the yellow logo emblazoned across the chest clung tight across his shoulders. He tucked it into his gray shorts, tapped the head of his tennis racket to his left palm and walked out onto the blue court, a tennis bag slung over one shoulder. He glanced up at the afternoon sun and set his hand across his forehead, shading his eyes. It was going to suck when they served into the sun today.

Chase stood at the baseline of the court, just off the center mark, a basket of balls at his feet, bouncing a ball on the court with one hand, his racket held in the other. “About time you showed up.” A navy-blue headband rested across his forehead and held his otherwise unruly black hair into place.

“Yeah, whatever.” River dropped his tennis bag onto the yellow bench, then ambled to the other side of the court. The weekend and first day of classes had worn him out and his mother still wasn’t home. Maybe today they’d let her out.

Chase straightened and lifted his brows. “What, no witty comment today?”

Drawing a deep inhale, River stopped in the middle of the court and focused on him. “You must’ve been missing me something fierce.” He threw him a coy grin.

With a scowl, Chase went back to bouncing the ball. “Get over there, so we can warm up.”

River took his position past the baseline in the center of the court, keeping his gaze fixed on the head of Chase’s racket. Let’s see what he had in him today.

Chase bounced the ball and hit a fast-spinning forehand, angled cross court.

With a slice to the ball, River hit a backhand, sending the ball spinning over the net and barely bouncing on the other side.

Chase scrambled to the ball, coming down low and hit it back, lobbing it high in the air.

With a smirk, River trotted to the service line, lifted his racket over his head and slammed the ball down at an angle.

Chase sped off for it, then stopped and hung his head.

Snickering, River picked at his racket. He already had him, and they were just warming up. This was going to be a piece of cake.

Chase placed a hand on his hip. “We’re supposed to be warming up, not killing it.”

“You didn’t start it that way.” River walked just past the baseline. The forehand Chase had hit had enough spin to practically bounce over the damn fence, if he hadn’t hit it back.

Coach Jim stepped to the court with a smile on his face. “I see you two are already at each other.”

“We’re doing great, Coach.” River offered him a wide grin. “Chase here just can’t tell the difference between a warm-up and a match.”

Chase stepped toward Coach, pointing his racket at River. “Shut up.”

Coach snickered and gave his head a shake. “I want you both to warm up properly. I don’t need any injuries already. When you’re done, I have some drills for you to run through. We’ll start with serves and returns.”

“Sure.” Chase flicked his gaze to River, running it quickly up and down his body, then flushed.

Interesting…River cocked his head. The conversation at the bar with Nick swept through his mind. Maybe the bravado Chase put on with him was intended to hide something, an attraction maybe? He brushed his tongue around his mouth, taking Chase in, the mop of wavy, black hair, the intense brown eyes, now focused on him, the generous lips. They’d be great to kiss. The guy was built like the statue of David on top of it. Yeah, that’d do. “So, let’s just hit a few, okay? I promise to go easy on you.” He chuckled.

Chase nodded once, picked up a ball and hit it over the net.


breaking his serveChase is controlled. River is anything but. The two together, on and off the court, are a force to reckon with.

When Chase Rossi steps onto the tennis court for the first time in his senior year at college, he thinks his position at first singles is secure. Then River Adams shows up, with his boisterous attitude, bad-boy good looks and a quest to unseat him. Though Chase considers River an enemy, he can’t ignore a growing attraction to him.

River Adams has to make an abrupt change in his tennis career after his mother is diagnosed with cancer. Now the coach is pitting him against Chase, the hottest guy he’s ever seen, and the best part? The easy way he gets under Chase’s skin and rips him apart, on and off the court, in more ways than one.

As tempers flare and secrets are revealed, the two find their opposite personalities might be a perfect match. Chase is attracted to all the things he should hate about River—his ridiculous antics, his carefree attitude, and his competitive nature—and he knows falling for River could be the thing that does him in. River doesn’t think twice about jumping in with Chase. He knows Chase is a man who could become his rock if he plays his cards right, just when he needs one. As they realize they compliment each other in every way, can they both figure out how to give their hearts fully and find the love they deserve?

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christie gordon bio photoChristie Gordon started writing gay and M/M romance fiction after becoming preoccupied with anime and in particular, the boys love and yaoi genres. She’s always had stories in her head and always enjoyed writing, so she took up fiction writing classes at a local community college and published her first book with eXtasy Books back in 2009. Christie likes to write complicated characters with painful pasts that refuse to be ignored until the characters are forced to face them head on. Angst? Yes. Happily ever after? Always. It’s the struggle to get there that counts.

Christie’s day job is in the high-tech industry with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. She currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and enjoyed eight years in the Bay Area of California but grew up in Minnesota. She shares a home with her partner of twelve years, a musician by night and a coder by day, who is currently in three bands, giving her plenty of time to keep writing. She is also a mother of two sons, one currently in college for engineering and the other preparing for nursing college. Her one-eyed, rescue pug is always by her side, snoring the day away.

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