Today I am so pleased to welcome Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott to Joyfully Jay. The authors have come to talk to us about their latest release, Storm Weaver. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Jocelynn and Rinda a big welcome!

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Hale was not going to see Oklahoma, let alone Sedona.

Grey was going to kill him first.

Even Cort was starting to give him the evil eye after finding the first few hours amusing.

The drive had begun a couple of hours after sunrise—much to Clay’s displeasure since he wanted them out the door before dawn. Luckily, he was outnumbered by people demanding one more hour and lots of coffee.

Not surprisingly, the ride from Savannah to their first stop for the night was relatively quiet and boring. Harrison said little as he spent most of his time typing away on his laptop. Apparently he was working with Wiley to update the spell database with different tags and labels to make it more searchable.

Data analysis, he was great at.

Data entry, not so much.

Data entry in a moving car? Hell, no. That was a fast track to puking out the window.

But Harrison seemed perfectly happy in his own world on the other side of the car, oblivious to Hale’s growing restlessness. The man was dressed in a pair of jeans that looked brand new and a collared shirt that was open at the throat, but really, he looked like he’d be more comfortable in a suit and tie.

With nothing to distract him, Hale’s mind automatically turned to the dilemma of his soul mate—such as, how the hell was he supposed to find this person? What were the odds of finding them? When considering the billions of people on the planet, spread around the globe, well, the odds were climbing far out of Hale’s favor.

When he finally got bored of making the calculations of finding that lone needle in a global haystack, he turned to contemplating the fact that five Weavers had already located their soul mates. Maybe there was something magical about them in addition to simply being Weavers that made it so the two people—or three people in Lucien, Calder, and Gio’s case—were drawn together.

Which meant that while the odds were impossible, it was imperative that he look for him, her, or them.

“Can you see the mate ribbon through the cars?” Hale inquired as they passed yet another car with an attractive woman behind the wheel.

“No,” Grey growled. This might have been the fiftieth question Hale had asked in the past hour.

“What if we slow down a little and get closer—”

“I’m not going to risk wrecking the car so you can hit on the woman in the car next to us!” Grey snapped.

“Well, you guys aren’t willing to hang out at the gas stations and rest stops for more than ten minutes. How am I supposed to find my soul mate if we’re not creating enough opportunities for me to meet this person?”

“This isn’t a matchmaking expedition,” Harrison grumbled.

Cort shifted in his seat, turning so that he could look back at Hale, who was behind Grey. His smile was sweet but a little strained. “You have to take finding your soul mate on faith, I think. There are at least a couple dozen other vision rehabilitation therapists in the Savannah area. It just so happened that Grey’s case fell into my lap. He could have ended up with someone else, and we would never have met.”

“Bite your tongue,” Grey countered with a kind of harsh warmth that left Cort directing a smile at his mate.

“The point is that there’s an element of fate or magic or just the will of the goddesses at work in our favor,” Cort said as he turned his gaze back to Hale. “The goddesses know where you’re headed. If they know who your soul mate is, you have to trust that they are going to put this person in your path in such a way that you can’t miss them.”

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storm warrior coverHale Anderson

The Air Weaver.

He was the freaking Air Weaver. Not exactly what he expected when he got kidnapped by the pestilents, but Hale’s good rolling with the punches.

He can take a little time away from his pursuit of a doctorate in astrophysics to save the world.

Except that the final spell is poised to kill all the Weavers and their last hope lies with him finding his soul mate.

Hale doesn’t want a soul mate. He just wants Harrison.

Harrison William Davenport III

As the Keeper of the Heart of the Earth, Harrison must bring the final key to the Weavers if they’re to stop the pestilents.

He’s trained for this task his entire life. And he’s prepared to die just like his father did with the last generation of the Weavers.

But what if saving the world isn’t enough anymore?

What if the only thing that matters is saving Hale?

Storm Warrior is the final book in The Weavers Circle series. It includes fast-paced action, a dangerous cross-country roadtrip, dirty fun in tents, flying, bi-awakening sexy times, animal shenanigans, nerdy talk about the stars, jealousy, three crazy old ladies, magic, and a fight to save the world!

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Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott have teamed up to combine their evil genius to create intense gay romantic suspense stories that have car chases, shoot outs, explosions, scorching hot love scenes, and tender, tear-jerking moments. Their first joint books are in the Unbreakable Bonds series.

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Jocelynn and Rinda have brought along a great giveaway on their tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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