Today I am so pleased to welcome Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga to Joyfully Jay. Jodi and BA have come to talk to us about their latest release, Hide Bound, Les’s Bar Book Two. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



BA Tortuga and I are excited to be here with an exclusive excerpt from Hide Bound! It’s book two in the Les’s Bar series, which is a series of standalones that can be read in any order.

Hide Bound will release on January 18, and you can preorder it HERE:


“Mmm… Come with me. Let’s touch some skin.”

“Touch some…oh!” Peter rubbed his hands over his arms to calm the goosebumps. What the hell was that about? “Touch some skin. You mean leather. Sure. I get it.”

Jesus. Brandon is your fucking boss. What the hell?

“Good deal. You have to feel it, so you know what our clients are going to feel.”

Brandon had a point, but Peter didn’t work in textiles. “Isn’t that kind of your…thing? I mean, I’m just a carpenter. I don’t know anything about leather.”

“That’s about to change, kid.” How come those simple words sent shivers down his spine?

Probably because this was all so…kinky. They were talking about leather and stockades like these were things everyone had in their apartments. He followed Brandon, watching those strong shoulders move. “Do you work out? I mean…do you need to? For the wheelchair?”

“I do. For the leatherwork. I can walk short distances with my arm crutches, but it’s awkward and uncomfortable.

“So if you’re not paralyzed, what makes walking so hard?” God, that sounded way more awkward than he’d meant it to. “I mean, was that rude? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be. I just honestly don’t know anything about things like this.”

“I have MS, and it affects the sheaths around my nerves. So I do standing exercises daily to help the muscle, and I totally can use crutches, but the chair lets me work, lets me get through long days.”

“The chair is badass. The way you move around in it is badass too. Just saying.” It was true. Brandon totally owned that chair.

“Thank you. Weirdly, I feel stronger with it, more capable. I’m shaky on my feet; on my wheels? Man, I’m cool.”

“Like I said. Badass. You won’t hear any complaints out of me.” He started to laugh but cut off abruptly as they entered a room basically full of leather. “Whoa.”

“Yes. There are different hides, weights, colors, uses, treatments. It’s important to touch and feel. Think about their uses. Are they holding body weight for hours or trapping a cock?”

Trapping a cock. Okay, so ‘cock’ is just something we say around here?

That was fine, Peter wasn’t a prude, he just wasn’t used to being so…informal while he was working. But Brandon had brought him in here to learn something, not obsess over language.

“So, if it’s holding body weight for a while, I guess you want something sturdy and durable, right? And if it’s…holding…more sensitive things then you want, like, something lighter and…supple.”

A cock. You can say cock. He did.

No. Nope. He couldn’t say ‘cock’ around his boss.

“Exactly. You need something like this.” He was handed a soft piece of leather. “Although some Masters like a heavier piece, especially for sheaths and shaft cuffs.”

“Oh, that’s nice. It warms right up in my fingers.” He worked the soft leather in his fingers. “Wait. Did you say shaft cuffs?” Damn, Pete. Down boy.

“I did. Would you like to see one? They work with ladder piercings or leather laces.” Brandon didn’t wait for him to answer; he rolled over and pulled a tote from the shelf.

“I…uh.” I probably have work I need to be doing, and I definitely shouldn’t be as interested in what you’re about to show me as I am. He’d thought and thought about getting a ladder piercing done. Three or four bars? Maybe six. He’d thought, seriously. Like, more than handful of times. And Brandon was…

And he couldn’t even bring himself to say “cock” around the man. His cheeks were on fire. This was going downhill fast. “I have work, actually. Short on time and—”

“You don’t want to see? They’re all handmade.” Brandon pulled one out. “This one was a special order. Hard leather to surround the shaft, a sound for the tip, a ring for the balls—orgasm control and beautiful all at the same time.”

“Whoa.” He reached for the cuff before he knew he was doing it, taking it out of Brandon’s fingers reverently like it was this fragile, amazing thing. He was half-hard, and he was sure Brandon would notice but he couldn’t help himself. “I…it’s…wow.” Beautiful. Hot as fuck.


“Right? This one didn’t fit exactly, but it was so beautiful that I use it as my sample.” Brandon’s voice was deep, rough. “This one is for longer term use. It’s a sheath and the outside is hard so you can’t jack off, but the inside is perfectly soft, so it holds you like a cloud.”

Peter swallowed and set the contraption back in Bradford’s hands. “It’s…great. I like it.”

A lot.

That’s it. Time to go.

“So, I actually have…to go. Plans. But this has been…thanks.” He definitely needed to go before he embarrassed himself.

Embarrassed himself more.

“Breathe, boy. You’re okay. You have my word.” Brandon’s voice cut through his panic like a hot knife.

“Breathe. Okay.” He nodded and tried a deep breath, but he had no idea why he’d felt so completely lost all of a sudden, so he kept his eyes on Brandon. Brandon was steady. “Sorry.”

“No reason to apologize. This is all new.” And yet Brandon didn’t sound like he was making fun, teasing. He sounded totally serious, like he understood.

“Yeah. New, and something…there’s a line, you know? And I blew right past it. Really. I’m—” So fucking embarrassed. “Sorry.”

“We’re okay. I get hard in this job too. It happens. You say you’re heading out for the day?” Brandon was as calm as he could be. Easy.

He snorted a soft laugh. “I think I was escaping.”

Brandon chuckled softly. “You want to have a Coke, man. I’m dying of thirst.”

“Sure.” He felt better. At least he didn’t feel as confused. Or worried about his…unprofessional reaction. God. He’d had this job one whole day. “I can go get us something from the break room.”

“Sounds good, kid. I’m dry as a bone. I’ll meet you out there.”

“Cool.” Peter nodded and headed out. He was okay, but he was ready for a second to himself.



Peter Marshall has had enough of working for Parks and Rec when he comes across an opening for a real carpentry job and decides to give it a go. Building things is his passion, so even though the shop seems a little out there, and the owner seems pretty grumpy, Peter decides to go for it.

Brandon McPhail wishes he didn’t have to hire a new carpenter, but his current one is going out on maternity leave. He’s especially wary of this kid who can’t possibly be old enough to spell BDSM, let alone know what the lifestyle means. But Peter impresses Brandon with both his talent and his tenacity, so Brandon hires him on, reminding himself that he’s in a wheelchair due to his MS, he had a terrible experience in his last relationship, and despite how clueless Peter is about the lifestyle, he’s not interested in taking on another sub.

The chemistry between them is undeniable, though, and it’s not long before they’re exploring what they can learn from each other. Peter is a natural at fulfilling Brandon’s needs, and Brandon thinks he’s teaching Peter everything he’s eager to learn, but when danger threatens, they have to help their friends through it while trying to navigate their new relationship. Can they forge bonds strong enough to bind them together for life?

Note to readers: Each book in this series is a true standalone, so don’t be confused when you discover that Hide Bound takes place before Just Dex in the “timeline”. That was deliberate, and you don’t need to have read one to read the other.


Jodi Payne


BA Tortuga


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