Today I am so pleased to welcome Alice Winters to Joyfully Jay. Alice has come to talk to us about her story in the new Heart2Heart Anthology. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



Heart2Heart volume 5 excerpt from: Never Have I Ever…Ridden a Bike, by Alice Winters

In this teaser, Owen and Lance are currently on the run. They need to deliver a priceless diamond that their cat, Thor, might have just eaten that belongs to a guy who has threatened their lives. But what’s better than some good threats to kindle love between two best friends? I mean… it’d probably help if Owen’s pants weren’t so tight that he can’t climb a fence… and if they weren’t running for the lives, but hey, sometimes it takes extreme measures to see what’s been there all along.

-Alice Winters


Quickly, we cut through some lady’s yard who is out raking leaves. She looks less than pleased by our presence. Honestly, I don’t blame her. “I think she just called you a jerkass.”

“I’ve been called worse,” Lance says.

We reach a short chain-link fence that Lance runs straight for, sets a hand on top of and swings both legs over. If we weren’t currently being threatened and running for our lives, I might have had a semi at that display of sexiness.

“That was hot,” I say.

“What was that?” he asks.

“I said it’s hot out,” I shout, as though he’s hard of hearing or something. I hand Thor over the fence before sticking my shoe into the chain-link hole and pushing myself up, only to realize I can’t lift my leg high enough to start my ascension. “Lance! I can’t climb!”

“It’s because your pants are so tight! Why are your pants so tight?” he asks, like he doesn’t understand the definition of looking nice.

“They make my legs look longer!”

“No… they make your legs look like twigs.”

I gasp at him. “Are you saying I have measly legs?”

“No, the pants look very nice on you, but today of all days… why’d you wear them?” he asks like I had a crystal ball I could pull out of my ass to tell me when we’re going to be held at gunpoint.

Lance sets Thor down and ties his leash to the fence before hopping back over—which is just as sexy the second time. He sets his hands on my ass in an attempt to help me over. “Ready, one… two… three!”

I’m so distracted by the ass cuppage that I forget to jump when he gets to three and am, instead, sent slamming gut-first into the fence, making it dig into my waist.

“Oh my god, you murdered me,” I say as I stumble back and place a protective hand over my stomach.

“I’m sorry! I thought you were jumping!”

“I got distracted. Try again,” I say, ready to be pummeled into the fence as many times as needed just to have my ass felt up again.

He cups me again, but even with his assistance, I can’t get my leg up. “Fucking hell, we should have just taken the road,” he says as he picks me straight up off the ground into a bridal carry that lets me look right up into his handsome face. But before he can drop me over the other side, the lady walks over with her rake and slides open the gate that’s ten feet from us before quietly walking back over to her leaf pile.


heart2heart anthology 5Once upon a time, a bunch of authors wondered… what would happen if Heart2Heart, the dating and community app responsible for bringing together couples from all over the world, encouraged people to do something they’d never done before?

#NeverHaveIEver is trending on H2H, and fourteen authors who’ve never before appeared in a Heart2Heart anthology (and one who’s never left) have come together to show how funny, hot, and heartwarming it can be when H2H app users challenge themselves to do something outside of their comfort zones–from singing in public, to skinny dipping, to getting their first real kiss–while they manage to fall in love along the way.

As always, all proceeds from this anthology will benefit LGBTQ+ charities to ensure that love in all its incarnations will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!

And don’t forget: this volume of the anthology will only be available for 90 days, after which time it will never be offered again!

All Proceeds Go To Charity

About the Heart2Heart Anthology Series:

Since 2018, and across four volumes, the Heart2Heart anthology has donated more than $100,000 USD to LGBTQ+ charities around the world. From large organizations such as Rainbow Railroad and the Trevor Project, to community programs like Kind Space and One-n-Ten, we’re honored to support their work.

A true passion project, Heart2Heart wouldn’t be possible without the incredible efforts and generosity of our support teams:

  • Cover design by Kelley Fox at Sleepy Fox Studios
  • Beta reading, editing, and proofreading by the team at LesCourt Author Services and other incredible volunteers
  • Promotion by Gay Romance Reviews
  • The readers who never fail to bring their creativity when offering suggestions to inspire the authors.

And of course, the author’s time and efforts and the organisational overlord of the project; Leslie Copeland.


For more on the Authors:

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