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Note: Boystown is a continued dramatic serial and this review will reveal plot points for the series.

The end of last season showed the familiar group in Boystown in peril as a helicopter attack ravaged their lives. There is no shortage of sadness and trauma as those that did not survive are mourned and the search is on for the perpetrators. Except, their mission was not fully carried out as some people walked away and that sends those behind the attack into a calculated rage.

Relationships begin as well as end and those left behind don’t always take it so well, which unhinges Theo Baxter. Hope Ciancio doesn’t want anyone to know the secrets she has uncovered, and she will stop at nothing to make sure things go her way, all while keeping her babies away from their fathers. With Neil and Cody working together to put the pieces together, Derek and Victor grow closer. When one proposal ignites several others, the group once again finds a reason to celebrate. But tragedy is never far away in Boystown and this cast should never let their guard down.

This is it. The 12th and final season of Boystown. The series has taken us through the lives of the Mancini and Ciancio families and those that have been privileged and, in some cases, unfortunate to know them. As with all the previous seasons, this one opens where the last one ended and takes us through the aftermath of the helicopter attack. There is no shortage of trauma and drama to what these characters have gone through over the years and there is no end in sight to what could possibly be in their futures.

All of the familiar characters are there, at least the ones that have survived thus far, and the author does not hold back on the tragedy for some of the characters. All of the characters in this series have been in peril at one time or another to varying degrees and the backstabbing and manipulations know no end. This season continues the atmosphere of the series, which lessens the sting of character deaths and also can step over the consequence of moral ambiguity. There is a definite difference in the feel of these scenes as a soap style drama and the over-the-top behavior is to be expected.

The last episodes of dramatic shows are often my favorite as I am always intrigued to see how they will wrap up. Some of the additions of new characters didn’t work for me this late into the storyline, making some of the season uneven, but long standing characters still get plenty of page time. For my tastes in this series, I would have preferred some areas to be more tightly wrapped up and for spoiler reasons that’s all I will say, but I would have liked to have a more settled feeling as the last episode came to a close.

It has been a wild and dramatic and intense twelve seasons and it’s been so fun to follow the outrageous and extravagant lives of this group. If you are looking for a highly charged and dramatic series to binge, you should definitely take a look here and, as the series concludes, it’s still true that “There’s no place like BOYSTOWN!”