Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Stay for Me is the second book in the For Me series. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal plot points for the series.

TJ and Cole were the closest of friends in high school. Their close friendship led to some experimenting, but before they had a chance to put a name to their feelings, Cole moved back to England. Cole was so torn up and lost without TJ that he thought the best thing to do was to cut him off completely. Life moved on for both of them with TJ marrying Cassie and Cole becoming a successful businessman. But Cole has never forgotten what it was like to be with TJ and when he sees an opportunity to connect with Cassie, Cole goes for it and, in the process, he feels that Cassie and TJ might not be as content as he thought.

That leads to TJ and Cassie visiting Cole at this home in England for the summer and experiencing things they never let themselves have. Cole knows what he wants and he’s not stopping to think about the ultimate cost to all of them. TJ has to come to terms with his relationship and feelings for Cole, and Cassie has desires that she has never let see the light of day, but now those needs are flaring bright. Cole has an end game in mind, but it’s his heart that might be broken by the end of the summer.

Stay for Me continues after Perfect for Me and it was a great continuation of TJ, Cole, and Cassie’s story. The last book ended with TJ and Cassie visiting Cole in England and TJ and Cole hadn’t seen each other is years. TJ is dedicated to Cassie and he’s dedicated to his marriage, but seeing Cole again unsettles him. Cassie has been restless in their marriage and has been suppressing desires her entire life and even when TJ opens up to her, she still keeps her secrets. Cole has no idea that he’s way in over his head and he pushes both TJ and Cassie out of their comfort zone to get what he thinks he wants. TJ and Cassie have no idea that Cole is part owner of an upscale sex club and a night there leads to temptation that none of them want to resist.

This book has super heated scenes as the trio pushes their boundaries. They all think they can separate the physical from the emotional, but it was great that this book was not predictable. There is also a solid story here between the heat. While we know upfront that Cole is working the situation to his advantage, he came across much better for me than Cassie, who even at the end, felt selfish to me. I would have liked to see one area of the ending expanded a little bit instead of the time jumps that we saw and I am not sure the third book will cover that time.

This book has a little of everything with second chances fueled by remorse and regret and emerging desires. The scenes are erotic and challenge the characters to explore desires, but also to evaluate what they want and where they want to be in their lives. With great secondary characters that play a part in the story as well, the For Me series is certainly worth a read.