new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week!

Nothing too exciting to report on the home front. Well, other than my oldest daughter catching Covid (her roommate had a friend sleep over who turned out to be positive). It’s frustrating, as my daughter has been so careful, but that is apartment living for you. Fortunately, she has been double vaccinated and boostered, so she had bad cold symptoms but is mostly recovered. On the more fun end, we officially booked our family Disney trip for this spring. We were trying to fit it in between a bunch of assorted conflicts the girls have, but we finally picked a date, got our hotel, and bought tickets. A lot more planning ahead of us, but exciting to at least get started!

And here is what we have planned on the blog this week…

  • Review: Sugar Bunny by Colette Davison (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: Chimera Affair by Keira Andrews (Jovan)
  • Guest Post: Blood Bound by Courtney Maguire
  • Review: Dark Empathy by Katy Morgan (Elizabeth)

  • Review: A Sanctuary for Soulden by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry (Jay)
  • Cover Reveal: Stone of Power by Edie Montreux
  • Review: Season’s Change by Cait Nary (Michelle)
  • Review: A Valentine to Die For by Aver Rigsly (Camille)

  • Review: A Magical Arrangement by Toby Wise (Jay)
  • Review: The Lines We Draw by C.D. Rachels (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: Charlie Sunshine Audiobook by Lily Morton
  • Review: Daddy at Forty-Seven by Nora Phoenix (Kris)

  • Review: In Step by Jay Hogan (Michelle)
  • Review: Fail-Safe by Katy Morgan (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: The Game series by Cara Dee
  • Review: The Changeling by Lee Colgin (Sue)

  • Review: Cairo Malachi and the Adventure of the Silver Whistle by Samantha SoRelle (Camille)
  • Guest Post: In Step by Jay Hogan
  • Audiobook Review: Striker V: Elements of Change by Josh Vidmar (Elizabeth)
  • Review: Saving Ziggy by Alex J. Adams (Michelle)

And that should do it for this week. Enjoy!

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