Today I am so pleased to welcome Amy Thorn and Raven Amor to Joyfully Jay. Amy and Raven have come to talk to us about their latest release, Priest. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!

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From Chapter 5: Priest

They swap out, so each man can have a turn at hitting me. Some hesitate, others bounce on their fucking feet, waiting for their go. Blood drips down my chest as I pant. My head falls forward as dizziness washes over me, and Judge’s voice echoes around me like it’s lost underwater.

“Don’t kill him! Not yet,” he orders. “We’ll break him.”

I see Ace standing behind the group, a smirk on his lips. I know I’m hallucinating, but he looks so real, it makes the air catch in my throat.

He raises a brow at me. “You gonna let these pricks win?”

The bastard.

“No,” I reply through a harsh breath.

“You need to fight, Priest.” He stands forward. “Fight like you never have before. The club, the guys, they need you.”

A new force moves through me, and a renewed sense of energy forces my head up.

“That’s it. That’s the Priest I know.” Ace’s voice drifts towards me. I blink the sweat and blood out of eyes to see he’s disappeared.

I feel my lips curve as I eye Judge. “This sorry fucking club is done.”

I taunt him, watching as fury takes over his face, turning it bright red.

“I’m going have your head on a stake—after I make you watch my boys destroy your club.”

Judge rushes at me, swings his fist, landing it in my diaphragm with so much force I stop breathing. I’m unable to catch any air before he uppercuts me. The anger in him causes my neck to snap back as darkness dances in my vision.

“Stop! Remember, you don’t want him dead.” The voice breaks through the dizziness.


I choke on the blood as the adrenaline leaves my body sagging. I’m only held up by the chains that shackle me. I hear harsh breathing inches from me and a loud crack lands against my face, making my head fly back. I see stars and try to blink the blood away from my face as Judge grabs my chin between his fingers.

“We’ll be back later. Nico, patch him up”

I hear feet moving and the door slamming. I try to draw air, hating how each breath is like inhaling razor blades.

Something touches my chest and I flinch.

“It’s me. Nico.” I relax at his voice, letting my body sag bonelessly against the restraints. “Fuck, you’re a mess.”


priest coverDisciples of Satan MC, Book 1


I’m Priest, President of the Disciples of Satan Motorcycle club. I rule my patch with an iron fist that keeps our enemies at bay. When I’m taken captive by Hades Outlaws, I’m sure I’m as good as dead. I didn’t expect help from an unlikely source.

Nico is a prospect. He should be seen and not heard. Yet he’s risking his neck to save my life. Going against his club is a death sentence, but he’s determined to get me out of Hades compound. I didn’t expect to fall for him along the way. Now, my saviour is also the man I want.


I’m a pariah in my club. Hades Outlaws will never respect me. When they capture Priest I know it’s the end for us. His brothers will burn our clubhouse to the ground. I have one chance to be free from Hades—save a man who is supposed to be my enemy. When I look at Priest I don’t see a devil in leather and denim. I see my salvation.


Amy Thorn lives in a small market town in the Midlands, England. She lives with her dog and when she’s not writing, she’s playing with crochet hooks.

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Raven loves writing dark romance wrapped in suspense. She loves finding the beauty in the pain, love in tragedy. And of course, writing those hot scenes.

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