Today I am so pleased to welcome Aimee Nicole Walker to Joyfully Jay. Aimee has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Magnolia Murders. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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The tailor stepped back and eyed them critically. “A few adjustments here and there, and they’ll be perfect.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a measuring tape before dropping to one knee in front of Jace. Julian placed the edge of the tape up by his crotch and unrolled down the length of his leg.

Jace jolted and said, “Whoa there.”

Royce covered his mouth but couldn’t stifle the snicker.

Jace turned an incredulous expression on him. “Grow up. I’ve never been fitted for a tuxedo, and the only dudes who’ve gotten this close to the goods were doctors who checked me for hernias to clear me for sports or military service.” He looked back down at Julian. “Sorry if I came off like a homophobic asshole.”

Julian laughed. “Not at all. I should’ve given you a warning.”

“Or bought him dinner first,” Royce added.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Julian said, “you’re not my type.” Then he pointed to Royce and said, “He is, though.”

Jace crossed his arms over his chest. “We’re nearly identical.”

“It’s not the looks,” Julian replied. “It’s his aura.”

“His aura is taken,” Jace reminded the tailor.

Julian grinned. “I don’t see a ring.” He held up the measuring tape for Jace to see. “Coming in hot. I still need to measure the other leg.”

Jace chuckled. “Go for it.” Once Julian resumed his measurements, Jace turned a curious look Royce’s way. “What happened to your plans to pop the question this weekend, a full three weeks before Valentine’s Day, so no one could accuse you of proposing on a cheesy greeting card holiday? Why aren’t you engaged, Ro? And do not try to feed me a bullshit story that Sawyer turned you down.”

Royce blew out a frustrated breath, earning a curious glance from Julian. “I’d planned to ask Sawyer this weekend,” he admitted. “I made reservations at his favorite restaurant. There was candlelight and wine and a stellar breadbasket. It was perfect.”

Jace laughed. “And?”

Julian rose to his feet and instructed Jace to hold his arms out like a scarecrow. He looked over at Royce and said, “Go ahead. We want to hear the rest.”

“There’s not much to tell,” Royce replied. “Dispatch called, and we had to leave our dinner to head to a double homicide.”

“That was four days ago,” Jace pointed out.

“And we spent all of Sunday and into the early morning hours of Monday investigating the crime. Sawyer deserves better than some random proposal over a quick bowl of ramen noodles at three in the morning. Then there were sweeping changes at work yesterday and another grisly crime scene for me to investigate this morning.”


magnolia murders coverSawyer and Royce: Matrimony and Mayhem, Book 1

Everything old is new again in love and murder.

Work together, live together, and play together is the name of the game for Royce Locke and Sawyer Key. But one of those things changes when Chief Mendoza taps Sawyer to lead the newly formed cold case unit. His first task: solve the Magnolia Murders that spanned three decades and suddenly stopped in 2000.

Chaos ensues when a fourth Magnolia Queen contender is murdered during a preliminary round. With the pageant’s one hundredth anniversary looming, the pressure is on to produce results. Royce and Sawyer, along with their new partners, have to team up to solve the Magnolia Murders—old and new.

As the investigation continues, a surprise visitor and an unexpected phone call force the men to face painful things from their pasts. The future Royce and Sawyer dream of is within their grasp, but first, they’ll need to uproot the seeds of discontent they’ve buried deep.

The Magnolia Murders is the first book in the Matrimony and Mayhem trilogy, the second story arc for Royce Locke and Sawyer Key. ** New readers should start with the Zero Hour trilogy before reading Matrimony and Mayhem. ** The Magnolia Murders is a continuation of Royce and Sawyer’s happily ever after as they move into the next phase of their lives—professionally and personally. Though some storylines span the trilogy, this book does not end in a cliffhanger. Heat, humor, heart, and homicide abound. You have been warned. 18+


Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee Nicole Walker entertained herself with stories that popped into her head. Now she gets paid to tell those stories to other people. She wears many titles—wife, mom, and animal lover are just a few of them. Her absolute favorite title is champion of the happily ever after. Love inspires everything she does, music keeps her sane, and coffee is the magic elixir that fuels her day.

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