Today I am so pleased to welcome Frank Spinelli to Joyfully Jay. Frank has come to talk to us about his latest release, Perfect Flaw. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!


Dear Joyfully Jay and your followers,

Thank you so much for having me.

I am so delighted to present my first gay romantic suspense novel, Perfect Flaw, published by Blind Eye Books.

Writers draw upon personal experience to execute a story. No truer words have been spoken when you consider the basic premise of Perfect Flaw – a young, Italian doctor whose life is upended by a charismatic colleague – occurred the first year I was in private practice. Young, naïve and eager to please, I had been asked to join a posh Park Avenue practice and subsequently made mistake after mistake because I had been seduced by a drug-addicted liar. Perfect Flaw is not a memoir. In fact, it’s far from it, but it is a cautionary tale I kept locked deep inside the dark recesses of my memory because an innocent person was murdered. The body discarded like a piece of trash to protect a greedy, evil individual.

Twenty years later, I dared to revisit this story with enough perspective that I felt empowered to retell it as a romantic suspense novel. Perfect Flaw bears little resemblance to the real events that happened to me so many years ago. I am not Angelo Perrotta, but there is a little Angelo in me. Maybe in all of us. And why not: “Angelo had dreamed of living the good life, and all the years it took to build that dream had been dismantled in only twelve months.”

I hope you enjoy Perfect Flaw.




When newly-minted Dr. Angelo Perrotta joins an exclusive concierge medical practice, he believes he has found success. His charismatic colleague, Demetre Kostas only adds to the promise of the new job. But when a series of tragic events transform his dream job into a nightmare, Angelo is confronted by disturbing accusations and the even more troubling cop, Jason Murphy. Now Angelo must unravel the secret entanglements surrounding him not just to save his career, but his life.


Frank Spinelli, MD is a licensed physician, and the author of The Advocate Guide to Gay Men’s Health and Wellness, as well as Pee-Shy: A Memoir, which has been op- tioned to be developed into a limited series. He appeared in the Emmy-nominated 30 Years from Here, Positive Youth, and I’m a Porn Star. He also hosted a season of Dueling Doctors.

Frank lives in New York with his husband and their two four-legged adopted sons.