Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Cam lives life on the edge as president of his motorcycle club, The Rebel Kings. His father was the president before him and when his father refused to get involved in certain illegal activities, he was killed. Even though the club life is in Cam’s blood, some days he wishes he could leave the never-ending stress of it behind. Hookups come easy to Cam, but he doesn’t expect the posh man at the bar to look his way. But Alexei does look his way and the men spend a night together that starts to change both of their paths.

However, Cam has also been in love with his wingman, Saint, for years. Their bond is solid and they have each other’s backs, but they have never crossed over into more. Cam doesn’t think he will ever be able to reach Saint like that and quench the yearning he has for the man. Until Alexei shows Cam the path to both of them.

Alexei lives in the shadows. His day job is a financial advisor, but Alexei has a deep and dark past. When he meets Cam, he finds something he truly never thought would be a possibility for him—love. However, Alexei also sees Saint and wants them both. But the shadows are rising up around Cam and there are plenty of people that want Cam out of the way—permanently. Alexei will have to step back into a world he never wanted to see again if he wants to keep Cam alive and find his place with both Cam and Saint. But he may already be too late.

I was excited to read what looked to be an edgier book from Garrett Leigh that also featured a trio. The book opens with Cam and he takes a lot of the focus in this book. While this series is about Cam, Alexei, and Saint, and the point of view alternates here between Cam and Alexei, much of the storyline revolves around Cam. Cam has an incredible amount of responsibility as president of the club and he’s loyal to his brothers, even when sometimes he should be taking a harder line with them.

The opening of this book was great for me as Cam and Alexei meet and have an intense hookup. They intrigue each other from the start and even though neither truly thinks anything more can happen between them, Alexei gives Cam an opening to contact him again.

The book alternates between the growing relationship between Cam and Alexei, and then how Saint fits into Cam’s life and then Alexei’s as well, with the motorcycle club business. Cam has been in love with Saint for years, but we don’t see any of their long history and we are only told a small amount of their past interactions. This made me feel like I was coming into the middle of the story and even though the next book will be from Saint’s POV, I was missing the vital details that connected these two so intensely. The club business came off as standard to me as they circle around drugs and trafficking with Cam trying desperately to stay out of all the illegal activity and prevent it from passing through his territory. This wasn’t anything I hadn’t read before in some version with the required mob interactions as well. The way this was set up also gave me the feeling of coming into the middle of the story, as a lot of the issues were carried over from Cam’s father’s legacy.

There are many side characters here as well and they all seemed to want to tell their story and between club business and club brothers, there was a lot crowding and surrounding Cam. Alexei and Saint both have stories and we learn Alexei’s here, which wasn’t a unique tale, but gave him the mystique he needed. There is violence in the book tempered with the sweet interactions between the men and it might have been too extreme for me how they were able to move between the two so easily. There were times I did feel like I had to piece a lot of the story together to make it fit, but I did like the characters and the relationships and will look forward to what Saint has to say in the next book.