Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Lachlan is an alpha and the oldest of his quadruplet brothers. A lot was always expected of him and now at 38 years old, he wants to find a mate and have pups. But what Lachlan was always told he needs as a mate may not be what he needs at all. Arriving at his favorite bakery, Lachlan is stressed and not on his best behavior, which causes him to get thrown out and temporarily banned from the place. But Lachlan needs to go back because he knows that current he felt pass between him and bakery owner, Quinn, only means one thing that Lachlan can’t ignore—that Quinn is his mate.

Quinn doesn’t believe in fated mates and doesn’t want a mate. He has no interest in being a stay-at-home omega and has no interest in having children. His world is then turned upside down when he meets Lachlan and his entire life plan gets thrown into chaos. Quinn thinks he wants to run far away from Lachlan, but he can’t stop thinking about him and the way his body reacts to Lachlan has him only wanting to wrap himself around the sexy man. Lachlan and Quinn may think they want different things, but fate may just have gotten this match right.

His Sassy Omega starts a series from this debut author and before I even talk about the storyline of the book, I do need to address the complete lack of editing. I was able to confirm that the currently published version looks exactly the same as the version that I was given for review. There is no editor listed in the book and there is no evidence of any editing or proofreading being done on the book. Almost every word that should be a plural is written as a possessive—so more than one beta is “beta’s” instead of “betas,” more than one year is “year’s” instead of “years.” This happened almost every time there is any word that needed to be plural and it was maddening. There were also many instances of the incorrect word being used or incorrect spelling, such as “underware” or “threw” being used in place of “through,” and phrases that made no sense such as, “the salty, chickening broth.” Some of these issues would show up as incorrect on the most basic of writing software and even a Word document would alert the writer to the errors. The punctuation is also random and the entirety of this grammatical nonsense made the whole book painful to read.

There is no world building here. There is no reference to how this world works, if humans know shifters exist, or what Lachlan is actually alpha of as there is no mention of a pack. There is only mention of Lachlan’s brothers and mother and the family business that brings in a tremendous profit, although what exactly Lachlan does isn’t clear. The book falls back on many cliches found in other books as far as a rich alpha and an omega that doesn’t want a relationship or kids, and it’s not surprising at all to know how both these issues turn out. There are also recycled topics of “Friends being the best television show” and “is Die Hard a Christmas movie” and besides having to trudge through the grammar issues, nothing felt fresh in this book.

The interesting thing here is the characters had chemistry together and the set up of the stories for Lachlan’s brothers also held interest, but I can’t recommend purchasing His Sassy Omega in its current state.