Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Kit is every man and woman’s dream. It’s one of the reasons he looks so good on camera and makes so much money for the studios. People think because Kit works in porn that he must have been forced into it or continues to do it because he has to. But Kit loves the work and it affords him a flexible and comfortable lifestyle. Except now an ex is stalking him and Kit finds himself saddled with a bodyguard. 

Protection isn’t Arthur’s usual line of work, but he does as he’s told. Of course, watching the charming Kit perform in scene after scene tends to be distracting, even for a professional like Arthur. But when Kit’s stalker becomes more aggressive, he and Arthur will have to work together to stop a monster and to keep one another safe. 

Someone to Watch Over Me was an enjoyable, though somewhat uneven, romance and one that could have benefited from stronger protagonists. The general set up involves a bodyguard, a stalker, and a porn shoot, so there was plenty to keep the plot intriguing. 

Arthur and Kit are fine and I enjoyed them as a couple, but neither of them read as fully developed. I’m not going to say they were flat or uninspired. Rather it was as if we just don’t know enough about them as people or about their pasts to fully understand appreciate their characters. As a couple, they were flirtatious and sweet, but more character development would have really elevated their romance into something fantastic. 

My biggest grumble with Someone to Watch Over Me were the sex scenes. Normally, I don’t care much about the sex in a romance. Weird, I know. But it’s either good or it’s bad and as long as the plot is strong and the characters are good, bad sex scenes don’t disengage me. With this book it isn’t that the scenes were bad, but they were repetitive. There were times it felt as though there were so many sex scenes that they blended into one another. And it wasn’t sex between the MCs, but between Kit and various porn scene parters, so it lacked any emotional component. Arthur certainly enjoyed the voyeurism, but these moments were too numerous and too dispassionate to hold my interest. And ultimately, they seemed to do a disservice to Kit and Arthur, who had far less time on page together than they deserved. 

I did enjoy Someone to Watch Over Me as a casual read, but felt characters needed more depth and the book as a whole contained too many essentially empty sexual scenes. Despite this, Someone To Watch Over Me has it’s fun moments and tense action sequences and as long as you accept the somewhat uneven quality of the read, it has plenty to offer readers.