Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel


Josh has always been able to talk to ghosts. He sees them and he hears them and it’s made his life difficult. Nobody understands that Josh talks to dead people that only he can see and it’s made keeping a job nearly impossible. Things seem to be looking up for Josh as he has a job interview at Mannix Estate, a country hotel that is known to be haunted. Josh gets the job, but not before hooking up the night before with a hot man he met in a bar. Of course, then Josh learns he’ll have to work with the man as Ewan is the estate’s blacksmith.

Josh doesn’t want any complications affecting his new job and after a rocky reacquaintance, he and Ewan agree to be friends. But neither man can keep the other of their minds and they find ways to spend time together. The estate has regular spirits living there that haven’t moved on and they are demanding of Josh’s time. The ghosts have a secret, one that is dark and hidden and they need Josh’s help. Josh doesn’t have experience with dark spirits, but the estate has become his home and Ewan has become his future and he will do anything to defend them both.

A book where the main character can talk to spirits sounds like exactly the book for me. However, this book wasn’t a good fit from chapter one. Josh and Ewan hook up right away and what I like about an early hook up is the chemistry and heat between the characters, but I didn’t feel that here. The whole scene felt mechanical and flat and that carried through most of this book for me. Josh then sees Ewan again, as they will be co-workers, and Josh makes an immediate assumption, which leads to a misunderstanding and that wasn’t for me either.

There are plenty of spirits here and one felt equally as bland as the next. When they need Josh’s help with a long-standing issue, we get pages of information dumped from a round table of spirits that again felt bland. There is a storyline involving a dark spirit and it all read like a juvenile caper to me.

Josh was an okay character, and it was great that he found his home and his people at the estate, but a lot of the book was being told things about him and the estate, with less showing, and the style, as well as the relationship between the men, didn’t offer any intrigue or interest me in the plot.

This was the first book I have read from this author and the style wasn’t a good match for me. For a reader who has already enjoyed the author’s books, it may work better.