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Oscar has just moved to London, hoping to realize his dream of being an actor. In the meantime, however, Oscar is working as a stripper/dancer at a club to make ends meet. Yet he is still in pretty dire financial straights until one of his housemates suggests Oscar look into becoming a Sugar Baby and finding a wealthy man to spoil him and help provide additional income. Oscar is wary, as he is used to working hard for everything he has and getting money and gifts for dates seems wrong to him. But at the same time, Oscar desperately wants to stay in London and this may be his only chance as his money dwindles.

Colton and Ford are married and deeply in love. They also have a Dom/sub relationship and are into kink. While Ford is strictly a Dom, Colton is verse, and so, in addition to their relationship with one another, Colton is also a Sugar Daddy. It gives him a chance to enjoy his other sexual interests that don’t appeal to Ford, as well as to have someone to take care of and spoil. Ford and Colton have a successful interior design business and are quite wealthy, and Colton loves the idea of helping younger men who are struggling by providing them with money and gifts.

At first, Oscar is unsure in his new role as a sugar baby. In addition to his uncertainty about accepting money for dates and sex, he is also concerned when he learns Colton is married. Oscar doesn’t want to be involved in cheating or cause problems between Colton and Ford. But the men assure him that they are both fully on board with Colton’s role as a Sugar Daddy. It is what Colton needs and Ford is more than happy to help do whatever it takes to give him that. In fact, Ford enjoys watching Colton with his boys, and even occasionally joining in. Oscar has been open about his interest in spanking, as well as bunny play, and begins to explore that with Colton. The two are a perfect fit and the chemistry and connection between them is strong. What surprises them all is that Ford starts to have feelings for Oscar as well, and rather than just an occasional third, Ford becomes a big part of their relationship too. In fact, the three men are falling for one another and Colton and Ford begin to wonder if there is a chance for something more lasting than just the temporary, casual relationship with Oscar they had planned. But Oscar still has trouble believing he can be a real part of their relationship, that this can be something lasting with all three of them. Now that Oscar, Colton, and Ford have fallen for one another, they must figure out how to turn their relationship until something long term for all three men together.

Sugar Bunny is the first book in Colette Davison’s new My Kinky Housemate series. The book opens with Oscar moving into a large shared house with other kinky men who found one another through the Kinky Housemate app, and it looks like the series will follow the various roommates on their journeys to love. (There is also a prequel story called My Kinky Housemate that is a freebie this year as part of the Your Book Boyfriend giveaway. The story features the creators of the app, but I didn’t read it yet and had no problem following along here.) Davison does a nice job setting the series up at the start by having the housemates all get together and introduce themselves to one another and share their kinks. It was enough to give a sense of the other men and what’s to come, and they do pop in and out as side characters, but it didn’t take over the story or detract from what is going on with Oscar.

So this story has a lot happening, between the Sugar Daddy/Baby dynamic, the navigating of the open relationship leading into a triad, and the bunny play. I am impressed with how deftly Davison handles combining all three elements so nicely together and the story flows well, working all of these aspects together into a really enjoyable book. I’ll start with the bunny play side of things, since this is the first time I have read anything with this type of pet play. I know this kink isn’t for everyone, but it feels like a perfect fit for sweet Oscar. He loves being a bunny and has ears and a few different outfits he wears depending on if he is feeling playful or sexy. Oscar has never had an “owner” or been able to do much play with others, so this is the first time he has been able to enjoy bunny play in a relationship. Colton and Ford have never done bunny play before, but they embrace it and support Oscar, buying him toys and reading up on how being a bunny owner. I think it really highlights Oscar’s sweet personality with a bit of a demanding side in bed. It also showcases how Colton and Ford want to support and care for Oscar in whatever he needs, just like they support one another.

I really appreciated the way Davison explores the open relationship and Sugar Daddy/Baby side of things here. First off, the story is very clear that Colton and Ford are madly in love and that comes leaping off the page. They will do whatever it takes to make one another happy and, for Colton, that means having an outside relationship where he can explore his Dom and Daddy sides. The men have great communication and there is no question that Ford is completely content with Colton having these relationships without him, though he does occasionally join in for sex for fun. We see Oscar’s hesitancy, both at becoming a Sugar Baby, as well as what it means to be involved with a happily married man. I think Davison gets the balance right here between Oscar needing time to work through how he feels about all of this, without making it seem like there is anything wrong with either Oscar’s sex work or the couple’s open relationship. Again, this dynamic showcases a lot about all the men. For Oscar, it highlights the fact that he has always had to work hard for everything and rely on no one but himself and he is uncertain about taking money for something he would do free anyway (like date Colton). It also shows how generous Ford and Colton are, wanting to help young men who are struggling (as these men are attractive and wealthy enough that they could clearly date hot young things without paying them). We also see Oscar’s insecurities, as he wonders where he fits in with this obviously strong love Colton and Ford have for each other. So I think Davison does a nice job setting up a somewhat complex situation and developing it nicely and in a way that really builds these characters well.

Overall, I really found this one a lot of fun. It is sexy and playful, but with some nice depth as well. There is some mild conflict, mostly in the form of difficulties with Oscar’s mom, but this story is mostly about watching these men build and develop their relationship. After the epilogue, we do get a bonus scene that features the two housemates who will be the focus of the next book, and I can’t wait for more from this series.

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