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Jesse Ainsley grew up in a small Cornish town, affectionally known as the bay. He still lives in town and has built up a veterinary practice, but while his twin brother has settled down, Jesse is still on his own. Privately, Jesse can admit that’s because he is still in love with his best friend, Deacon. The two were friends their whole lives, even sharing a summer romance as teens, but after Deacon’s brother died, Deacon got out of town as soon as he was able. For a while, the two men kept in close touch, but Deacon has been slowly pulling away, and for months he has basically ghosted Jesse completely. It hurts more than Jesse can admit, and at this point he assumes Deacon no longer wants to maintain their friendship. However, when Jesse gets a call that Deacon has been in a serious accident in Rome, he immediately heads to be by his side.

Deacon left the bay to pursue his career in competitive sailing and he has made a name for himself all over the world. He lives a fast and busy life of parties and hookups and competitions, but he is burned out. In fact, that is why he was in Rome in the first place. Deacon figured a little time away would help, but getting into a life threatening accident wasn’t part of his plan. Deacon is surprised to wake up in the hospital with a host of injuries and Jesse by his side. While Deacon was trying to put some distance between them in an attempt to manage his own feelings for Jesse, he can’t help but feel relieved to have Jesse there with him.

With his injuries putting him out of commission for a while and Deacon needing assistance while he heals, he returns to the bay for recuperation. Being back together all the time is not easy for either man, as each of them has feelings for the other they are trying to hide. But the connection they have always had pulls them together when they are in such close proximity, and Deacon and Jesse find themselves acting on their attraction. As much as Jesse is thrilled to have the man he loves, however, he knows it can’t last. Once Deacon recovers, he most certainly will get back to his international life and leave the bay once more. Now the men must figure out if they are ready to try for a future together, or if they are going to let life pull them apart once again.

Definitely Deacon is the second book in Vawn Cassidy’s fabulous Belong to Me series. I went absolutely crazy for the first book, Suddenly Beck, so I have been eagerly awaiting this next installment. The first book features Jesse’s brother, Beck, and there are some connecting side characters. I think you could jump in here no problem, but the first book is so good, it would be a shame to miss it.

This story is a friends to lovers journey with a dose of a second chance romance. Deacon and Jesse were inseparable best friends growing up, with one summer where their attraction boiled over into romance. However, when Deacon’s older brother died, it crushed him, and Deacon broke things off with Jesse, moving out of town as soon as he was old enough. The men continued to be best friends, but lately Deacon has pulled away. As readers, we know that it is because of his feelings for Jesse, but to Jesse it seems like Deacon has just lost interest in their friendship and moved on. So even as the men are rekindling their romantic and sexual connection, Jesse can’t help but anticipate an end date to it all. He assumes that as soon as Deacon can get back to work, he will take off again. For his part, Deacon is at a crossroads, and he is evaluating what he wants from life. And once he and Jesse are back together, Deacon knows he wants something real with Jesse. But the men have to have some serious conversations to share their feelings and get on the same page. I think Cassidy does a nice job here with the flow of their relationship and I never was left just waiting for the men to start talking. It all seemed like a very natural progression and things come together nicely. There is a great sweet, sexiness to their dynamic and I loved seeing these guys taking these long-held feelings and finally building something real.

One of the things I loved about the first book is the great cast of side characters, and in addition to some of the folks we already know from the bay, we also meet some of Deacon’s friends here as well. I really enjoyed the dynamic of this super affectionate, playful banter among the group and loved seeing them all hanging out together. There is a super fun epilogue with the whole group that is just amazing and hysterical. There is so much potential here for so many great stories and I am really excited to see where things go for this group. So Definitely Deacon was another hit for me. If you are a fan of contemporaries, especially those that take place in a small town with some really entertaining characters, definitely check out this series.

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