Today I am so pleased to welcome Abby Kaitz to Joyfully Jay. Abby has come to talk to us about her latest release, Jackals Wild. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

It was hard to concentrate. The channel was stuck on Carter 24/7. And now Adam never wanted to change it. He had chucked the remote control away somewhere between discovering the existence of Quentin and their first kiss.

“Hey…hey, man, can I get my package?”

Adam snapped his head up. A guy he recognized as a lacrosse player from the fifth floor pushed his package slip across the counter.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

Adam retrieved a small box from the mailroom. As he handed it over, Lacrosse Guy gave him one of those toothy bro-grins—the kind that was steeped in innuendo. “New girlfriend?”

“I’m sorry?”

“You normally have this serious professor look whenever I pass by. Now you’re, like…smiling.” Lacrosse Guy smirked. “She’s hot, isn’t she?”

Yes, HE is super hot. In fact, Carter was beyond hot. He transcended the Scoville scale.

Before Adam could wave the guy off, he saw Fern skipping towards the counter. She handed him a box of chocolates. “Sweets for my sweetie.”

Lacrosse Guy checked her out before shooting Adam a wink. “Niiiice, dude.”

“What was that about?” Fern gave the guy a wary look as he strutted away.

“Oh, he was just really excited to get his package.” Adam held up the chocolates. “What’s this?”

“One of my roommates works at a co-op and they accidentally ordered a bunch of non-vegan chocolates. We have, like, twenty boxes in our room now so we’re just trying to give them all away. Enjoy.”

“Thanks! Carter’s always eating these—” Adam stopped when he saw the grin spread on Fern’s face. He dropped to his seat and pretended to shuffle papers.

“So how did Carter do on his physics assignment?”

“Um…huh?” Adam’s ears were heating up.

“You said you were helping him with physics last week.”

“Oh…right. He, um, got an A.”

Fern leaned in and whispered, “Is that an A for amazing ass?”

Adam almost keeled over. “What are you talking about?”

“You don’t have to use code words with me, Adam. I sniffed out this roommate romance from a mile away. This is so hot. Did you guys have sex?”

“Fern!” Adam whispered. “We are in the middle of the lobby!”

“Oh my gosh! You totally did! Give me the deets. You two look like you would be into some kinky, subversive stuff. Are you?”

Adam’s head spun from the assumptions.

What he and Carter had right now was something precious that Adam wasn’t ready to release into the wider world just yet. The way Carter kissed him, the smirks and jokes that were just for him, how time stopped whenever Carter walked in the room—Adam wanted to hoard all of that for himself for as long as possible. It gave him a thrill, made him feel less transparent, less like the serious, dull guy people assumed he was.

An air of mystery—even if it was mostly in his head—meant he was getting closer to being the star of the Adam Show.

“Nothing happened,” he said.

Fern misinterpreted his answer as disappointment. Her grin was quickly replaced with a softer expression. “I’m sorry for barging in like that. I can get carried away sometimes.”

“It’s okay. I know you mean well.”

“You really like him, though, don’t you?”

“What makes you say that?” Adam could feel himself turning pink again.

“Because it’s been a week and you haven’t even asked how it went with Emma Trellis-Tan.”


jackals wild coverQuiet, studious Adam Hatchard is ready to reinvent himself and be the leading man in his own life.

  • Survive his first frat party? Check.
  • Talk to the hot TA in math class? Halfway(ish) there.
  • Coexist in peace with his Neanderthal roommate? Send help.

From day one, Carter Ellison has given Adam nothing but cocky smirks, secondhand embarrassment, and dirty underwear all over their room—the perfect storm for Most Annoying Roommate Ever.

His ridiculously toned body deserving to be the eighth wonder of the world is beside the point.

But Carter has a secret: an unconventional side hustle involving cameras and a distinct lack of clothing. When Adam stumbles upon Carter’s online alter ego, the last thing he expects to feel is…compassion.

And when Carter asks him to hold the camera? Adam discovers that there’s more to his roommate than the irritating frat boy persona Carter puts on.

What begins as a way for both of them to earn extra cash develops into something more. Something involving longer-than-appropriate stares, stolen touches, midnight confessions—and the realization that Adam just may have found his own leading man.


Abby Kaitz writes humorous gay romance, with a soft spot for new adult/college stories. She loves watching and reading rom-coms and aims to bring that same energy to her own writing. She lives in Florida and dreams of snow year-round. On her way to becoming that crazy dog lady.

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