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Nursing his whiskey, Xander watched as Fen effortlessly mingled into the crowd, acquiring a cluster of admirers in no time at all. Holding them all in rapt attention.

A quick glance confirmed Xander’s educated guess on how that suit would look stretched over Fen’s ass. It was a challenge to tear his gaze away.

Xander felt a strange sense of pride. When he had invited eligible bachelors to this soiree, he could tell most were curious but not at all convinced by his polite hints that Fen had grown into a truly stunning young man. Now he felt vindicated.

Fen laughed at someone’s joke. His sapphire eyes sparkling with merriment. He looked beautiful. He looked enticing. Xander could feel the eyes of all the men in the room fixing on Fen. Wanting him. Fen had the entire room eating out of the palm of his hands. And he had done it in no time at all.

Xander swallowed his whiskey, relishing the burn down his throat. He’d told the boy to be charming and flirt. He was doing exactly as he was told. It was precisely what Xander had wanted. Xander found it incredibly irritating nonetheless. Everything Fen did was irritating, it seemed.

Slipping closer in order to hear what was being said, it surprised Xander to hear Fen engaging with the old bore, the Duke of Beaufort, in a conversation about economics, whilst the onlookers watched with bated breath, waiting for their turn for Fen’s attention.

Xander listened for a moment. The boy was faultless. Charming, intelligent, obviously well educated and spoken. 

Xander frowned. They had sent him to good schools, so he damn well should be all those things.

He did wonder who had taught him how to make a conversation about economics flirtatious. He was pretty sure that hadn’t been on the school’s curriculum.

Just a natural talent, Xander supposed, like his mother. That thought caused Xander to have to unclench his hand from his whiskey glass before he broke it. He put the glass down on a nearby table with a little more force than was necessary. 

“I see Fennrick has turned out rather well,” said a voice beside him. Xander turned to face Lord Greyfield, who was looking even more pasty than usual. Something about the skinny man always reminded Xander of a snake.

“Yes, we are pleased with him,” replied Xander politely.

“Still no magic?” said Greyfield with false concern. Xander gritted his teeth at the snide insult.

“Not a drop,” he answered, as if it were of no concern.

“Good idea to turn him into a bed toy,” said Greyfield, licking his dry lips and staring at Fen with a dark hunger in his eyes. He turned back to Xander and suddenly paled and stepped back.

“Sorry old chap, shouldn’t say that about your brother,” he gushed apologetically.

Xander shook his head dismissively. He hadn’t meant to betray any emotion at all. He’d been unaware that he had done so and the lack of control was alarming.


lord garrington's vessel coverIt’s 2022. Magic isn’t supposed to be real.
Arranged marriages aren’t supposed to exist.

How are gay arranged marriages for the purpose of magic a thing?

Fen has grown up all alone in boarding schools. Never meeting any of his family. At his graduation, his older brother turns up to take him home. Except Fen discovers he is the result of a shameful affair and not actually related to Lord Garrington at all. Yet, for appearance’s sake, everyone must continue to believe they are brothers.

To make matters worse, an indiscretion reveals that Fen is a vessel. Someone who grows magic but cannot wield it. Magic can only escape his body and not kill him by regularly submitting his body to a mage. Hence the crazy arranged marriage idea.

It’s a shame the only mage he wants is his arrogant and obnoxious fake brother.

Lord Xander Garrington, like all British nobility, is secretly a mage.

He was only supposed to pay the boy off, but Fen turned out to be outrageously pretty. Then he turns out to be a vessel. The opportunity is too great to miss.

He needs to pretend Fen is his brother and sell his stepmother’s bastard to the highest bidder. Securing the best possible match to advance the family’s fortunes.

If only Xander’s emotions would obey.

He is supposed to sell his fake brother, not fall for him.


s. rodman bio photoI love characters that are battered and broken by life, who through the course of finding love, discover they are strong.

I like to pour my dark past into my characters and hope I will be forgiven.

Despite everything, because of everything, I will always believe that love conquers all.


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