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Wren Collins lives with his best friend and his friend’s younger brother, just trying to make ends meet. After Wren’s parents kicked him out of the house, Riley was there for Wren and now Wren is determined to be there for Riley and Caleb in return. That means bringing in as much money as possible to help pay the bills and maybe save enough for Riley to go back to school. Wren makes his living as a sex worker and it’s a job he enjoys that brings in decent money. But managing all his clients and constantly worrying about how much he is making is exhausting. When one of Wren’s well-paying regular clients breaks things off, Wren can’t help but worry how he will make up the lost income.

Alex Schaffer is a billionaire bachelor with terrible luck dating. Finding someone without a hidden agenda for his money or influence isn’t easy and Alex has pretty much sworn off dating anymore. But when a friend mentions he is may know someone Alex can hire for a little fun, Alex is intrigued enough to give it a shot. When he meets Wren, Alex is immediately not only interested, but incredibly drawn to the man — so much so that Alex realizes he wants Wren all to himself. He offers to hire Wren as a full-time sugar baby, to have him work for Alex alone whenever he wants him.

Wren is blown away by Alex’s offer. The money is insane and, while he can’t believe Alex actually wants to pay him so much for an exclusive contract, there is no way he is turning that down. Being with Alex means a stability Wren has long craved, plus an income that can change things dramatically for Wren and his found family. Wren knows that Alex isn’t going to want him forever, but he is thrilled for the chance while he has it. For Alex, hiring Wren is straightforward and there are no games; Alex knows Wren is there because Alex is paying him, which allows Alex to just relax and enjoy instead of worrying about hidden motives.

The relationship is wonderful for both men, so much so that they start falling for one another. Alex is beginning to imagine a life with Wren, and Wren finds himself dreaming of a future with Alex. But finding a way to turn their business relationship into a true romance is going to mean both men taking a chance on love with each other.

Billionaire Dollar Sugar Baby is a sweet and sexy romance in the Pretty Woman vein. There is somewhat of a fantasy vibe as down-on-his luck Wren is swept up in this wonderful, sexy, and romantic relationship with a man who has money to burn and is thrilled to spend it spoiling Wren. The pair have an instant attraction and are super into each other from the start, with a very much “boyfriend” feel to their dynamic right away, even though it starts as a business arrangement between them. Alex is loving and generous and truly cares about Wren and his life. He dotes on Wren and indulges him with gifts, but also listens and wants to learn all about him. For Wren, he is open with Alex and gives everything to their relationship, never asking for or expecting more than they agreed and always touched when Alex spoils him. They are sweet together and there is just a really nice warm vibe here to the story. The guys are both likable and appealing and seeing them find their way together is nicely satisfying.

At times, I did find some things a bit too fanciful, however. Alex meets Wren and immediately decides he must have him, offering him an outrageous $500k+ a year salary to be at his beck and call only minutes after meeting him. I’m not quite sure how Alex is able to immediately draft this employment contract and NDA out of nowhere, but things move forward almost instantly. Alex also falls hard and fast and is all in for Wren so quickly. They barely have started seeing one another and we hear that “Wren was the air that he breathed. The very thing that gave his life meaning.” Not only did it feel fast for a personal relationship, the cynic in me kind of wondered at this super savvy billionaire who never once even considers the fact that he is paying Wren to be with him as a factor in the intense and immediately loving dynamic between them (though as a reader, it is quite clear that Wren is genuine in his feelings). We are also told Alex is a billionaire and he seems to have no end to his financial resources, but we get next to no information here other than his deep pockets. I have no idea what type of company Alex even owns or what he does all day aside from the occasional mention of a meeting, and he seems to have endless time to hang out with Wren despite running this billion-dollar business. A business which by the end of book he seems to not care about at all. So there is nothing here that is really problematic, just that don’t go into this looking for a super realistic depiction of Alex as a businessman or of anything other than an all hearts and flowers relationship between them.

There is also a side plot here of sorts that focuses on Wren and his relationship with Riley. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Wren and his best friend and the way these guys look out for one another. I liked that Alex accepts Riley’s role in Wren’s life and makes an effort to help take care of him and Caleb as well. And I thought Riley’s concerns about Wren’s relationship with Alex felt realistic given their long friendship. So I think this dynamic did help to balance the fairytale feel of things with a little more real world reality.

Overall I found this one sweet and fun. There is just a nice, warm, lovely dynamic between the men of two people who are able to strip away some of the baggage and just focus on each other. Things happen fast and a bit too easily for me at times, but if you want low angst, high sweetness, with a down-on-his luck sex worker swept away by a handsome billionaire, this one is worth checking out.

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