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Moonrise is a sapphic, werewolf, choose-your-own-adventure game on the Hosted Games app where you play as a newly turned werewolf. Using your choices, you direct the story and see what happens. The game is broken up into two parts: the first builds your stats and establishes you after you’ve turned, and the second part leads you into a choices that could result in violence as you fight for the rebellion or against. Along the way, you have the ability to romance several people, and that influences your outcomes as well. Every choice you make, no matter how small, can have an affect on your final outcome.

I loved choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid, and the paranormal aspect of this really appealed to me. I call it a game, as it’s available on a game app, but it much more like those books as there are no graphics. This is a novel cut into parts, and you get to choose how the story goes. For that part of it, I really thought it was fun. After waking up after being turned into a werewolf, I got to choose how I reacted to each scenario. There was a choice after just about every short scene, and it was fun to lead the story this way.

As I said, this story is broken up into two parts. The first is how you deal with your change and it sets up your stats. Are you compassionate? Bloodthirsty? A mix of the two? As you play, you can choose to act how you would if the situation was real, or the complete opposite. You also have the opportunity to romance three different people, in various ways and to varying degrees. After this first part, you are faced with harder choices. There’s a rebellion brewing and you can choose to fight for either side. Even after picking a side, you have varying degrees of options, from peace to all out brawl.

The whole thing took me about an hour to an hour and a half, which I thought was a good amount of time to be poking decisions on my screen. It kept me engaged for the most part. I will say that the there were moments when the narrative felt somewhat predictable, and other times when it just felt like it was glossing over the world building and things that should have been more fully developed.

I played through once, and I was successful in both my romance and other endeavors. I finished alive and happy. After you finish, you can play through again if you’d like, making other choices to see other outcomes.

I liked this for what it was, and I’ll admit, there’s a nostalgia factor of getting to choose my own adventure. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a couple of hours, and sapphic werewolves sound good to you, then maybe check this out.

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