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Length: Novel


Willow has been riding the rails for years and the friends she has met along the way have become her family. But lately things are changing and her friends are settling down and not riding anymore. Willow knows it’s dangerous to ride alone, as there is still a serial killer preying on lone riders, but she has to get to LA before it gets too cold to travel. Willow goes to LA every winter, although she hasn’t told anyone what she does there. Making a stop near home, Willow reconnects with her best friend, Billie. Billie has always been there for Willow and they have been close since they were kids. Willow knows Billie is in love with her as Billie told her once, but Willow did the only thing she knew how to do—ignore the declaration.

Billie never wanted to ride the rails and she doesn’t fully understand Willow’s obsession, but Billie will do anything for Willow and she catches out with her heading to LA. Willow and Billie become closer and it’s like a dream for Billie, but she sees the full extent of how far Willow is willing to go to get the truth. Billie knows she needs to step in and help Willow, but it might mean having Willow not trust her anymore and that is enough to break Billie. But Billie knows she will always be there for Willow no matter what and she will do whatever it takes to make Willow believe in them.

On the Fly is the final book in the Rail Riders series and gives us more insight on Willow, who has been a part of the riding crew since the first book. Everyone is settling down, but Willow still needs to be on the move. She doesn’t have a family life, as her mother died when she was a baby and her father has always refused to talk about her. Willow has four older brothers and growing up was a struggle and she’s been on the move for years. She intensely and obsessively wants to know more about her mother and since Willow keeps herself locked down tight, no one knows how she is feeling and as a character there was never an indication of just how deep her need to know about her mother goes.

Billie has been mentioned during the books, but she has always been off page and it was great to see more of her. Billie hasn’t always had it easy either, as she wasn’t the type of girl her mother wanted, but Billie is secure in who she is. She also knows that she will always love Willow and she knows how amazing they could be together if Willow would just let her in.

Billie and Willow travel together and, as expected, get closer. We learn why Willow is so resistant to a relationship with Billie and we learn a lot more about Willow and her mental health. The two of them are already the best of friends and Willow has to get to a point where she can trust in moving their relationship out of the friend zone, which is incredibly difficult for her. They meet people along the way that add to their story as they take steps toward building a future together.

The riding crew is here as well as all of the storylines merge and wrap themselves up. It certainly added to the feel of this last book to see them all again and, while the crew may be done riding the rails, their friendship and the family they have created will always remain. For intense bonds of friendship, and friends that become family, and friends that become lovers, with adventure and longing and characters finding their homes, you’ll want to catch out with the riders in the Rail Riders series.