Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Xander Finch’s career is about going fast. As a top-ranked MotoGP rider, he’s used to being constantly on the move and a broken leg is a setback he’s not ready to handle. When he hires a massage therapist to help ease the pain, Xander’s entire world realigns.

Ollie Baker trusted the wrong guy. He though he was in love with his ex, but when that relationship ended abruptly, Ollie was left with no money and nowhere to live. His massage therapy is bringing in a little bit of money and he needs a steady client like Xander. It doesn’t hurt that Xander is super hot, but Ollie is a professional and he’s not about to trust the wrong guy again.

At first, Xander is confused about how Ollie makes him feel as he’s never felt attraction like this to anyone before. Xander is interested in discovering his demisexuality and seeing where things can go with Ollie. But Ollie isn’t sure he can trust another man so soon and Xander’s future is still uncertain. But Xander is absolutely sure about Ollie and now that Xander has found him, he’s not letting go.

Only for Ollie follows the Star Crossed series with the theme of “regular” guys falling for “famous” guys. We met Xander in book two, Because of Ben, as he’s Zane’s twin brother. But Ollie is new to the series and while there are small tie-ins to the series as a whole, this book could be read on its own.

Xander is a little less famous than the rockstars and actor in the previous books, but within the world of MotoGP he’s incredibly well known. Everyone always thinks that he is his identical brother, Zane, and if wasn’t for that, Xander would be able to fly under the radar most of the time. His career is his life and he loves everything about it and being injured with a broken leg and concussion is difficult for Xander, especially because his future in racing is now unknown. He’s dated some, but he’s never felt that feeling of really needing to be with someone and when he meets Ollie he feels everything.

Ollie is in a completely different place than Xander. He was thrown out of his house when he turned 18, he trusted the wrong guy, and now he’s living in his car. He can’t afford to finish school — well, he can’t afford anything — and he is cautious of making mistakes again and he doesn’t even know if Xander is into him.

Xander is fully on board with being with Ollie and is open to coming out and their relationship mostly is easy. The conflicts come from Xander pushing his recovery, their differences in financial status, and Ollie not wanting to make the same mistakes as in the past. They’re a little awkward around each other, and as they try and figure out where they go there is a hesitancy, but there is also warmth and sweetness.

The story was moving along, but then sort of fizzled out for me and there was just a lack of real spark to the story as whole. Their story just wound its way to the end and then ended quietly without that intrigue that made me want to keep turning pages. It does fit into the series nicely and Ollie and Xander fit together as well and you could check it out for an easy story of two men finding what they need in the other.